Thursday, August 27, 2009


Another wonderful, albeit very busy week. We had appointments every day this week again but all the news has been fabulous. Nicholas had yet another doctors appointment to follow up on his hernia surgery and digestive woes and we think he is finally beginning to feel better, resting more comfortably, etc.

Both boys had their eyes checked again this week. From start to finish it took several hours with three rounds of eye drops and lots of time in between. Really neither boy complained at all, even though Nicholas was even missing a feeding. Everyone at the clinic commented how good the boys were (even Mommy and Nana were pleasantly surprised). Even better this is the last eye appointment the boys need for three more months as we were told both of their eyes are now officially matured--no more ROP (eye disease of prematurity)!!!! Another obstacle overcome and we are soooo thankful.

Today we visited the pediatrician again for a "well-baby check". We love our pediatrician, she spent a lot of time getting to know the boys in the NICU, before she even had a true responsibility for them and she has a lot of experience with preemie issues as well as developmental and physical disabilities. We went over their medications, health issues, immunization schedule and discussed how we could wean them off of some of their medications slowly (yeah!!!).

We talked about recommendations for keeping them healthy during the upcoming cold and flu season. Obviously the news and predictions of a rough season coming up have got us feeling anxious. The doctor agrees that this first year will be tough given how frail their immune systems are and their current lung disease. A simple cold right now could land them back in the hospital. Their lungs will continue to generate new lung tissue but it may take a year or two before they are functioning optimally. Its a difficult balance between wanting to share our babies with the world but not wanting to take any unnecessary risks with their health either. I know we can't keep them in a bubble certainly but we will be adhering to recommendations about minimizing having them in crowds, limiting their handling by too many people during this first cold/flu season, asking our friends and family who do visit to be vigilant about hand washing/purelling and to please stay away if you or anyone close to you is under the weather. We appreciate everyone's understanding about this.

I do think one of the best parts of the two hour visit was seeing how well they continue to grow. They may not be on the growth charts yet, not even on the preemie growth charts yet given that they are almost officially four months (next week), can you believe it because I certainly can not. But we are so thankful for every single ounce they gain. Nicholas is now up to six pounds, 11 ounces and his brother is tipping the scales at seven pounds, 6 ounces!!!!! They may be teeny tiny still for four months but they are certainly a far cry from the tiny frail babies we used to know!

I will be taking Alex for his cat scan tomorrow and we will find out soon when he will be having his shunt converted to the VP. Thanks for keeping the boys in your continued thoughts and prayers!

Photo shoot....

Nicholas says "okay Mommy, just ONE more picture"

WHAT? Can you believe she is still taking pictures?

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Anonymous said...

Holli ~
I have just had the opportunity to view your blog and am amazed at the journey you have experienced. While not the same road, it was a reminder of the many similar experiences we had prior to delivering our twins and while at the NICU. Alex and Nicholas are just beautiful and very lucky to have such amazing, positive parents. I had to laugh at some of the things you wrote as we are experiencing the same things - we would also love to have our boys on the same feeding schedule but with their "digestive" issues there is no way at this point. We wish you all the best! Not sure if you're "dreaming" of more sleep - I Am!!! Mind you - I am signing your blog at 12:30am as I have just finished a feeding and was trying to find some tips on being a parent of twins. Take care! Sandra Jennings (proud mom of Jacob and Jonathan - also identical twins that spent 2 months in the NICU at Strong!)