Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Alex, there has been and will be more posts about how you have and continue to beat all the odds despite being born three months too soon and with Spina Bifida. I am inspired daily by you (and your brother) with where you are today. It is almost absurd to me now to think about how much I worried about whether you would be able to walk or not before you were born.You have taught me what is truly important in life and it really has NOTHING at all to do with your legs.

But no this post is not about Spina Bifida or the fact that you were born at just one pound, 10 ounces. Because as miraculous as your beginning was, you are amazing simply because you are you!

Just like in the previous post about your brother Nicholas, It will be hard to narrow it down to just a few things but here are some of the highlights of what I LOVE about you!

Everyone that meets you comments on your thoughtful gaze. You've truly been this way since you were just a baby, as if you could really figure everything out if you looked hard and long enough!

oh, those eyes just melt me everytime!
and those lashes....

I love that YOU love books!!!!!

 we read them before nap
and before bed
but you bring them to us throughout the day as well
and keep asking for more!
 We have a soft bin of books that you easily pull over
and you seem to be looking for a certain one
and give a BIG smile when you pick one.
Your top 10 right now include anything that makes
mommy or daddy have to make animal sounds
or anything with flaps that you can pull and look to see whats inside.

 you love to help turn the pages!

 I love your curious side
Here Kitty, kitty!!!

I actually love that you are a contemplative, take it all in kind of boy.
my little philosopher
or is this "come on guys, I'm bored already!"

  I watch those eyes and can almost see that little mind working.....

I love your more serious side because it is that much more striking when you share your awesome silly side!!!

You do the funniest face when you're really having fun.
its your squinty eyes/nose face dialed up with something hilarious you do with your mouth.
I know, I can't describe it but it makes us laugh EVERY time

cracks me up EVERY time!

You are doing it a lot these days and its when I know you are at your absolute happiest
which ofcourse just makes MY heart sing!

I love how you sign "please" for everything


although it makes it really hard to say "no" to just about everything because you "ask" so nicely.

Ofcourse its also really funny when the rare chance we don't give in to your request for whatever "please" is for and you think if you keep doing it over and over, more vehemently that we'll give in. your little temper sure comes out. I even love that too!!!

I love that you are so in tune with your brother and ever since I can remember, you laugh or cry simply because he is. Often times I hear you start giggling out of nowhere and I realize its because you hear your brother in the other room laughing--gosh have I said how much I love that? The connection that you have!!!!

I LOVE that you have completely flattened your crib bumper on the side facing your brothers crib because he's the first person you look for and "talk" to as SOON as you wake up, and the last person you check on before finally giving in to sleep!!!

oh and froggy! You LOVE this thing.
It is well worn from all the chewing you've done to his poor little "feet".
You find it the second you get into your crib
 and if you wake in the middle of the night, you search all over for it,
until you find it, sooooo sweet!

We have been trying to teach you hugs
Froggy is the first and only thing you would "hug" for awhile.
You lean in real close and put your head down for "hugs".

You actually do that for Grandmas, and your daddy now
 but for some reason mommy wasn't on your approved list yet?
We'll talk about that when your older.
Until yesterday anyway.
You crawled over to me and put your head down on my leg
to give me "hugs"!!!!

and then wanted to make sure you got credit for this!!!!
you're a little stinker, I love you!!!!!

oh back to the cribs and brother love......

You constantly inspire me by your determination, your strength, your amazing sweet sweet spirit.

 Here you are supposed to be practicing your standing, but mostly you just want to climb right up into that chair, move out of the way Daddy, I'm going!!!
 Pulling yourself up on your knees all the time in your crib now!!!!

You got your wheels almost three weeks ago now.
I thought I would be sad about all this new "equipment"
but who could be sad looking at this face ever?

You LOVE your wheels. You crawl over and bang on the wheels
to tell me you want up and in!
You smile as soon as you start wheeling around.
and you've taught ALL of us "uh oh, move out of the way--
Alex is on the run!"

You've taught me that needing equipment isn't a burden,
its your FREEDOM!

I love anything that puts this smile on your face!!!

Here you are strutting your stuff in your wheels.
You are pretty fantastic. This is you only two weeks
after getting them. You make it look effortless the way you move,
turn around and speed ahead. I am soooo proud of you!!!

the only problem? trying to keep your brother safe
while little Mario has the floor :)
Nicholas is attracted to those shiny wheels like nothing else
and as much as you love your brother, 
when you want to go, you don't stop for any one :)
we use snack time so Nicholas is tucked safely away for a bit
of your wheels time. 

Really though, its a great thing to have to problem solve!!!!

I love that you light up when Daddy comes home, or heck even walks in the room. You are such a Daddy's boy and I'm not even a little bit jealous of that, partly because I think he's pretty great too!!!!

Honestly I love that you make people work a little harder to gain your smile, 
because its such a reward when you do and they know they earned something special!!!!

and I challenge any one NOT to laugh when you do, its soooo infectious!!!