Monday, August 24, 2009

Hanging out

The boys and I are enjoying a little bit of quiet time (well, as quiet as it can be with one very expressive baby :). Nicholas is a chatty one, even in his sleep he is constantly grunting, cooing, etc. It is very cute most of the time, ha,ha. We have only called the on call doctor one more time this weekend for Nicholas who is still having some ahem...digestion issues and we definitely think is contributing to his frequent not so happy vocalizations day and night, poor thing. The prune juice the last few days seemed to do nothing for him so now the doctor gave us something new to try. Here's hoping it brings him (and us as well) some comfort soon.

Alex is doing great and I think since sharing a room with his brother has found his voice a little more as well but overall he seems to be quite content. The boys are in their own room and sharing a crib these days but luckily Alex tends to sleep through the ramblings of his neighbor. Mom and Dad are sleeping a little better too with the help of a video monitor. I have to say I was reluctant to spend the money but Dad insisted and now I think I rely on it more than he does. It is really nice to be able to "see" them anytime and especially when they are fussing to determine if they need tending to right then or if they look like they are just on their way back to sleep.

Anyway, thought we'd share a few sweet pictures from the weekend. (We just can't seem to stop ourselves from snapping away).

Photos of Nicholas:


Daddy and Alex (I LOVE this one!)

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