Saturday, July 30, 2011

For their fans

I have been a very bad blogger. I actually have had several emails from the boys "fan club" making sure that our absence wasn't for good. Sorry, I've just been lazy, no intention to stop updating about the boys anytime soon. 

Actually for the most part when we are not on here, it just means things are going really well and not much out of the ordinary to be said. So yes, no news is usually good news. When I told this theory to several of the boys fans however, they reminded I could at least share pictures every now and again. Oops. thats true, my bad. 

so here to make it up to you, some of my favorite recent pics:

 boys with Grandpa

 Alex and Daddy. LOVE it!!!! 
Alex reaches out often to hold our hands in his wheels.
nothing more needs to be said!!!

I don't know if this is just a stage
but he doesn't mind posing these days for the camera.
my sweet boy

Alex: oh are you getting the camera out?
 oh okay let me set up
 ok here's my thoughtful pose
ha,ha such a ham!!!!

Nicholas on the other hand, not so much.
you have to catch him quick,
because usually as soon as he sees the camera,
smile is GONE

but its beautiful when you can catch it!!!!

Nicholas, you are my wild man


this is the boys newest obsession.
It was given to us by our friends/neighbors more than a month ago.

The boys ask to play on it morning, noon, and night.

We have kept it in the "play room" 
a.k.a the room that everything goes that we haven't figured out what to do with yet
along with some of the boys toys.

We are still trying to grow grass outside and have construction going on in the backyard
so having the slide outside isn't a great option.

The slide is the first thing they ask to do in the morning after breakfast
and its always a race there before bedtime as well.
(thanks Dan and Amy!!!)

Alex loves to crawl up

 and then just feels like the king of the mountain
hanging out at the top
before he FINALLY lets go 
and giggles his way all the way to the bottom. 

Nicholas now thinks he's missing something by just going up the stairs
so he's now trying to climb up the slide part. 
 holding on for dear life,
you know because its such a long way to go.

Nicholas' other favorite thing:

 including himself

even the pool

 I know its blurry
but still LOVE this!!!!!

doesn't it look like they are scheming here?

 Alex says "nope, totally innocent here Mama"

Alex is such a card lately.
Look Ma, no hands

can you read what his shirt says?

He should have been wearing that on THIS day. 

 ofcourse double trouble

 the boys have been keeping each other company
a.k.a. entertaining the other one
even when they are in time out.
Mommy *sigh*

I know to be effective, I need to separate them
but had to take pics,
soooooo darn cute!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

new neighbors

Double trouble 

times TWO

and their big brother Christopher

These are our new neighbors Benjamin and Matthew
 They are the same age as our boys. 

In our new neighborhood of about a dozen houses,
what are the chances that there are another set of not just twins
but twin boys
and not just twin boys
but TWO Year old twin boys?
born just a month before our own.

Yep, God works in beautiful ways!!!!

Here's their momma Amy

and their Daddy Dan
 Yep thats actually one of our kids with Dan.
Alex is already in love.
Dan has already moved into second place
after Daddy ofcourse
but hehem, before needing his Momma
(we'll talk about that later Alexander!)

Here we are at the boys first parade.
and they did pretty well.

 just relaxing

 and snacking (ofcourse)

Nicholas truly kicking back
what a ham

then some of the sirens started.....

 and we were not too sure about those

 every one needed just a little bit of love
 which is just fine with us!

 Thank you to our new neighbors
for already making us feel totally at home!!!!!!!!