Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Friends!

We've had a beautiful week spending time with family and friends. We surprised Great Grandpa with a visit and he was thrilled. This was his first time meeting the boys. I'm not sure he enjoyed it too much but he kept saying we should probably just leave one of them with him for an overnight but he didn't know how to choose which one so maybe another time :). The boys were really taken with their Great Grandpa too. Here's just a couple snapshots from our visit.

The boys and I have sincerely enjoyed some quality home time, with less appointments to run around to this week. They've gotten to have some wonderful time for hanging out, play time, walks outside after their mom finally figured out how to work the Cadillac stroller by herself (a story in and of itself). The boys are just starting to seem to truly be paying attention to the world around them, including their parents and even eachother. They seem to really be looking right at us these days (and even when we are behind the camera) which just melts your heart. We've even learned that when they are particularly fussy and its not time for a diaper change or to eat, if we put them down together, they seem to calm right away, and often fall asleep. It is the sweetest thing to witness.

This past week the boys and I received visits and got to catch up with some very good friends from ECH (Episcopal Church Home), the place I was fortunate enough to work side by side some of the most dedicated and compassionate people caring for the elderly and as I was blessed to learn personally, for eachother as well. I've made some wonderful friends in the five years of working there, and really some I would definitely count even as my extended family. A number of them travelled this road with Mark and I and supported us as we struggled to get pregnant, and then ultimately deal with the many stresses of a very complicated pregnancy. I know no one was really surprised when I ultimately gave my notice that I would not be returning to work after the boys were born and in the NICU but it was still incredibly bittersweet to say good bye for now (actually sooo bittersweet that I keep putting off saying a true good bye in person).

Our friends at ECH continue to provide us and the boys with their love and prayers and even after all of these months sent generous amounts of dinners, snacks, and desserts this week. Mark and I were speechless, partly because we were inhaling the amazing food ha,ha. I really do enjoy cooking but...... only about once or twice a month (ha,ha) and with two new babies at home have not really found the time or energy to do much of this yet. We are known at times to have dinners consisting out of a bowl of milk and a box but hey thats more nutritious than a bowl and something out of a box from the freezer which is even tastier (ha,ha) but recently even ran out of that. (don't worry, I vow to improve these habits before the boys are onto "real" food, they should be able to cook by 2, right?

We received results from Alex's recent cat scan and the neurosurgeon was very pleased with the results, the fluid in the ventricles has only accumulated slightly which means the "temporary" shunt is still doing a heck of a job. He says it has bought Alex a little more time before having to do another surgery for the VP shunt. Neurosurgeon says this is a good thing as the more time Alex has to a chance to grow (especially his head/skull), the more successful it will be and hopefully less surgical revisions down the road for him. Unless he starts exhibiting symptoms of a shunt failure, we don't have to go back for a follow up until Sept. 22nd.

We've also had our weekly nursing visit which I look forward to mostly for the baby weight checks. In this corner, Nicholas Owen is weighing in at six pounds, 13 and a half ounces and his brother Alexander Steven, the current heavyweight is weighing in at an astounding 7 pounds, 11 ounces. The nurse thinks that if Alex keeps this up, he won't need the higher calorie formula for very long. I'm no nurse but I think I could have come to the same conclusion too. We look forward to next weeks well baby check!!!

Boys looking adorable as ever, Alex on top and Nicholas below.

Hey, you look familiar, do I know you?

Already fast friends

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