Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 104

We are in bliss with one of ours sons being home. Its still hard to believe and I know that must sound crazy as he's right beside us constantly but its just been soooo long, I keep feeling like someone is going to knock on the door to take him back and tell us he doesn't belong here yet. (In which case I would shove them out, lock and barricade the door ofcourse).

We are slowly acclimating to life at home with a newborn. Which basically means learning how to get by on very little sleep. (Hint: For us, it involves washing down some liquid black gold) :)
Our first night Alex slept pretty well but we predictably did not. We were constantly looking over at him, checking that he was okay. He's a pretty noisy sleeper actually (must take after his Dad). He is constantly making cooing sounds (so cute, even at 2 in the morning---for now at least), and he is pretty congested so you can literally hear every breath he takes. Reassuring definitely but still pretty noisy. Lastnight was better as we took the night in shifts so we could each get a solid four hours of sleep. I'm not quite sure what I'll do when Mark returns to work, yikes.

We already had our first doctors appt. with the pediatrician so Mom and Dad got to practice getting ourselves ready, as well as baby and get out the door by 10am. We did pretty good for our first try, but we have LOTS of appointments in the future, too many for Mark to keep taking off from work so I am wondering how things will go when there are two of them and one of me. I'm sure I will get it down, just need to work up my confidence :)

Anyway, Pediatrician says Alex is doing GREAT, and weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces!!! Another WOW!

Mommy went to Visit Nicholas yesterday while Daddy stayed with Alex. He's doing well also but it IS as heartwrenching as I thought it would be to have to schedule my time with my boys separately. It was really hard to leave Nicholas. The only thing that comforts me is hoping that this time will be brief and that we are almost there. We are day 104 of this journey and happy to have it all in the rear view very soon.

Nicholas's hernia surgery is tomorrow, we are just waiting to hear about the time. I am very hopeful that this will ultimately make him feel so much better but am getting anxious thinking about Nicholas having another surgery, being on the ventilator, etc. We would be grateful for continued prayers for him to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery so he can get home with the rest of his family where he belongs!

Alex lounging around...

hmmm, very little hair but starting to look a little reddish....

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