Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speed Demon

We are officially in the new house!!!! We moved in last weekend. Boys miss their Grandma and Papa LOTS but I think they like their new digs. (more pics to come) but wanted to post this video of Alex. Our home is in a cul de sac with just a dozen other houses so its a very quiet street fortunately. There is a slight incline on the street that we probably wouldn't have noticed without Alex in his wheels. He however picked up on it right away and totally uses it for his advantage. He is a complete speed demon. I don't think I captured his smiles enough but he really does know what he's doing when he's going and does the whole "no hands" thing. :) He already enjoys freaking his Momma out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

TWO years old

We're TWO years old, can you believe it?
well that will be a different post

for now, just sit back
and enjoy the show, 
I mean pictures......

well this is why I'm NOT a professional.
I can't even call myself an amateur photographer.
 I mean the pics are blurry, the light is weird,
or do they call that "exposure"?
who knows. 
I try to turn the options to different settings on the camera
and I just make it worse.

try to see through the bad picture taking
to the subjects themselves.
these little peanuts will save me every time!!!!
oh and certainly an amateur photographer would have remembered
to comb their subjects hair BEFORE taking pictures, right? 

Just trying to wrangle my two boys
to sit for even two minutes, well thats a job by itself. 

I didn't even have lofty goals of them smiling at the camera,
I'd be silly to set those kind of expectations

but looking towards the camera
at the same time
with a clear picture
would have been really nice, ha,ha.

My boys and my lack of camera finesse
have other ideas.....

I tried to bribe one with a foam letter thingy
and the other with a remote

Nicholas took both
and Alex was making a run for it

Do you remember this last year?
the number thing had more pull then I guess.

Luckily we found another remote
I swear boys are born with a gadget gene!!!

you think I could get ONE of them to smile
Each of them wondering if their brother's gadget is better

and thats a wrap!!!!
Nicholas: hey, where's the remote???

(oh thanks for lending us the number Michelle--sorry
about the teeth-marks though!!!!)

oh and can't leave without sharing a few pics of cake,
who could forget cake??

 boys weren't sure what to make of the balloons
or the sitting and waiting.....why are we here?
 and then Elmo came and they were really confused.
Isn't he only on that big box in the living room?
Hubby and my second year in a row
of baking and frosting.
and yum--all dairy free.

well here are the real critics:

 Both are very tentative

 maybe they are wondering what 
happened to their friend Elmo

 where did the cake go?
 well they got over that.

  everyone went back for more
and no one threw up.
I'd call that SUCCESS :)