Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alex is Home!!!!

Alex is home!!!!!! I just can't believe I'm sitting here in my own living room with one of my babies right beside me. We can be with him, hear him, look at him any old time we want to. Its heaven. As we stare for hours in awe at our little one, we are trying to remember what else we did before we had a new baby at home.

Alex Leaving NICU

Coming home :)

As always, he's unfazed about all the excitement.

Home Sweet Home!!!!


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you! Hopefully it won't be long before you whole family will be together. We love you and as always you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Aunt Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Holli how wonderful!!!! I can remember the excitement when I got to bring Jena home from the NICU..It is an increadible feeling..and a little scarry because I didn't have all the monitors and nurses right there with me just to make sure that everything was still ok...but that went away...Congrats to you guys


matt said...