Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing catch up

Alex: when its too cold to go out,
this is one of my many favorite spots at grandma and Papa's house

 I can keep track of all the cars,
and watch for my daddy to come home

I think he's coming now!!!!

my mom hasn't updated here since we moved?
but that was, like, over a month ago?

haven't you missed us??

Well someone should at least post a few pictures or something,
oh okay, I'll do it, I'll do it~

Here's my brother and I on one of our outings. 
Grandma and Papa live really close to just about everything
so when the weather is nicer, we go for walks
to the library, coffee shops, canal, bagel shop.....

ha, got your nose!
just kidding, 
its still on your face
MY favorite thing about living at Grandma and Papa's house though?
yep, getting lots of extra TLC.

here I am practicing my new pose.
Papa seems to like it!

and when I'm trying to get away with something.....
I just do my new pose again,
working like a charm!!!

Trying it out on Daddy

I crack myself up!
Yep, and it works on him too!!!

Grandma is pretty taken with us too,
I don't even have to do anything special.

 I don't even have to do my hair 
and she still loves me!

She's really great, she doesn't even mind that we are 
constantly rearranging her cupboards

Oh you want to hear about Nicholas too?

Well okay....... I guess.

He's pretty busy.

He gave up that crawling business right around the time of our move
now he's running, climbing 

he even likes to stand on his head.
weird, I know

okay enough about him. 

I got another pair of wheels.
My new therapist thought it was time to try me in my very own wheelchair.
she didn't think I liked having to crawl around so much on the floor
especially now that my brother can run around.
she was right!

Here I am in my "new" wheels.
I get to borrow them for awhile and I LOVE them.

I sometimes let Nicholas "help" me 
but really I can go much faster without him!
shhhh..don't tell him that.
 I've even let him have a turn when I'm done.
He's not very good at this actually
 and he mostly just wants to play with the buckle.
okay well mama said I should probably share a video of Nicholas
moving around too. so here he is. 

Mama said I wasn't feeling good this day so I was napping early.
Nicholas always notices when I"m not there so he "checks"
on me often.

 Mama says Nicholas has had the harder time
adjusting to all the change.
He's not sleeping as good, has started screaming
and cries or chases after 
whenever Mama goes to leave the room.

He wants mama all the time.

but me? I"m all good!!!!

Grandma and Papa have a one story home 
so I can go any and everywhere
and I like to fly down the hallways super speed.

Here's one of me perfecting my turns

this is one of my new favorite things to do!!!

Mama says unlike Nicholas, I've not had any problems adjusting.
she says she has to literally pull me 
away from Grandma or Papa
when its time to go do something else
or when its just time to go to bed.

 Life is good!!!!

 Mommy and Daddy are just really grateful to have such a great place to stay
while we are waiting for our new home to be done.
and they say it won't be too long now.
Nicholas seems to like the new house enough
He wanted to get down badly to explore
but I'm not too convinced yet
brrrrrr..... Its awfully cold in here.

Mama says since these pictures were taken, we now have walls,
doors and something called a furnace
so they tell me that helps.

I'll believe whatever Nana tells me
and she says it will be a great house!

 They say we should be moving again in about another month and a half.