Sunday, August 16, 2009


We received great news when we called Saturday to check on Nicholas. The nurse said they started feeding him small amounts the night before and he was doing great, but really demanding more. Sunday they started going up on his feedings slowly to make certain he was tolerating them and by the time we went to visit him later that day, he was back on his schedule of eating how ever much he wanted when he wanted. The doctor even stopped in to talk to me while I was there and said how pleased and surprised frankly of how quickly he is recovering from surgery, the ventilator, etc. He said babies with severe BPD (lung disease) usually take several more days to recover from anesthesia, ventilation, etc. but he is recovering from all of these as if he was a baby without these issues. He was all smiles when he said "I think you'll really need to take him home tomorrow, Monday at the latest, were not doing much for him here now." I was stunned to say the least and just started to cry, this time out of sheer happiness. God has truly answered our prayers and I just can't believe that our family will finally be all together at HOME!

Now that this has been cooking in my mind for a bit, I admit that I'm not sure which feeling is overpowering me more at this time: happiness or panic at the thought of having two newborns at home for the first time. That's not true, happiness and excitement IS over riding the fear, but the fear is right up there :). Alex has been breaking us in ofcourse and we've just gotten into a groove with his feedings, sleeping, and medication schedule but I am nervous how we'll juggle it all when we put another newborn in the mix and then ofcourse Mark going back to work soon; and yet I've never looked so forward to a challenge before!!!!


Leigh and Andy said...

Oh Holli, I am SO happy for you guys!! I've got no pointers for twins, but I know that you guys are going to do AMAZING at it! Enjoy BOTH of your boys at home...where they belong!! :)

Anonymous said...

Holli & Mark, I am so so happy for you both to have come through so many hurdles and finaly get to enjoy your two beautiful boys together. The Lord has surely blessed you. Please keep up these blogs, I enjoy them so much. Can't wait to see how these boys will thrive under your loving care.
We love you
Aunt Marilyn

matt said...

Oh my goodness! Praise God! Oh, to have your whole family home safe and sound! Congratulations!

HappyAngelo said...

you are doing great !...reading your blog has inspired me and who knows other parents as & your husband are just so awesome ! Alex & Nicholas are so blessed.