Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little of our every day....

Nicholas:  Well I guess its my turn to give a little update since Momma hasn't been keeping up so well.
things are good!!!! 
Momma says things have been quiet on the medical front
so she says really no news is almost always good news
whatever that means.

I think the people still need pictures but thats just me......

so here's a bit of our every day......

Momma says we are busy figuring things out and getting into everything. 
she says thats okay since thats really our "job" right now. 

 we love playing with our crayons, markers and paper

 We really like just taking things in and out
in and out
that in itself is FUN 
but did you know that things make COLOR too??
 and tearing paper
 and taking the caps off the markers on and off
on and off. 
 hmmmm, how did THAT get there?

 our most favorite thing right now is play doh!!!

 mom makes weird shapes
and we work on taking them apart
We're a great team that way!!!!
oh and I take that back.
our most favorite thing really is playing outside!!!!!

 Welcome to the great outdoors
have you been?
there's soooo much to do.
picking up leaves

lots to rake

Alex was working hard trying out another wheel chair
 but here he is just supervising the rest of us work

then chillin with Daddy
Alex says "I think that hat would look better on me Daddy

 But I got a turn too.

Momma says this is what is called
"double trouble"
were both mobile and almost never going in the same direction.
she says we keep her running!!
thats fun, right?

Alex goes FAST in his wheels.

he kept wanting to go over to the cars

 I think he was checking out his reflection

Me, I was looking at these wheels
trying to find a way to keep up
hmmmm how do you work this thing?
huh, something doesn't feel right
oh okay this is probably how its supposed to go
Momma said you should read my shirt
because "it says it all."
I think this hat makes me look cool, don't you?
 I don't mind wearing it

I'll even put it on myself

Alex doesn't agree.
Momma has to keep putting on his hat
over and over and over again
in hopes that just maybe he'll forget its on and leave it.
 But it doesn't last too long
He asks why does he have to wear it?
he keeps taking it off
 He thinks it makes him look "goofy"
But Momma said this is the "goofy" part
Grandam and Papa trying to be good role models!!!

It cracked us up

Momma says its REALLY hard to get a good shot of both us
 in the same picture

 but she keeps trying

 and trying.....

 Alex thinks this is kind of funny,
making Momma work so hard....
 I'm just not in the mood I try to tell her....
really Momma?

soooooo Momma finally decided single photos are okay too.

thats all for now. I hear we are going back outside
and there's lots of dirt to get into, rocks to pick up
and making Momma do her sprinting to keep
up with us.

oh and teaser alert:
Guess who is having a birthday on Monday?
okay maybe THATS obvious 

BUT bet you can't guess how old we're going to be......
what? you can?
hmmmm is someone giving you a clue?
Boy, you guys don't miss a trick, do ya?

oh well More pics to come SOON!!!!!