Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 25

We survived another appointment! Today was our weekly doppler test for the boys, and what we thought would be another growth scan. It was explained that it has not been a full 14 days since our last growth scan (it had only been 12 days and several hours) and apparently anything before exactly 14 days later can throw things way off kilter...Ok well maybe in retrospect it was better that we get a week where we don't learn and obsess about their size.

The doctor said that this week the doppler was "high". We thought this was a positive thing but later in the conversation found out that this is not so. Apparently things still aren't great with blood flow to the placenta, but the doctor said it looks stable at least so we are just hoping that this trend continues. Basically we've kind of given up thinking we might hear anything good at these appointments, just hope to hear no new bad things....

The thing he said that really shook me up the most was that reaching that 500 gram weight was a critcal period where the options for delivering them were realistically out on the table. Again we were a little out of sync, thinking that he must be referring maybe to when they would be about two pounds in weight and since we know the boys are not near that, didn't feel like it was anything we had to even worry about yet........ Except I later put the conversion into the computer and was shocked to learn that 500 grams is actually just barely over one pound. ONE POUND......which is a pretty good estimate of where we think the boys are about now, even though it won't be documented until next Monday's growth scan. The thought that they might need to even consider delivering them soon, at such a tiny size is overwhelming. Obviously there is nothing decided yet, I know he is just trying to prepare us for all kinds of possibilities and keeping them in the womb when it is not optimal for them is not great, but ofcourse taking them out extremely premature is terrifying as well.

So we continue to live from week to week at this point and I have a feeling it will remain like that for some time. The doctor suggested we will likely start coming in twice weekly for dopplers and ultrasounds now to keep a closer eye on things and that decisions could be made fairly quickly if it appears the dopplers are getting worse or the boys keep falling off the growth curve.

Obviously no one has a crystal ball so its really hard to predict when things might happen. I'm hoping we can still hold out awhile. A long while would be good...You know until the basement is finished being renovated, the nursey is complete, more money saved, and the house is organized and immaculate...probably looking at 6 more months, a year maybe tops--thats not too much to ask, right?

Keep cooking boys. Here we are at 25 weeks:

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