Wednesday, April 8, 2009

another doppler

We had another doppler and ultrasound this week and one of the high risk doctors came in to finish the testing and talk with us. (We rotate through the practice and see a different doctor each time). This doctor was actually not "doom and gloom" which is good because truthfully, I started to wonder if that was a personality trait all doctors in this field had to possess. She stated that the doppler on Baby A looked good actually, nothing out of the ordinary that she could see (we like boring and not out of the ordinary these days--lets pray for more of those). Baby B does have some intermittent restricted flow to the placenta which basically means alot of the time it looks like he is getting blood flow but there are other times where he is not. I'm not quite sure the percentage of this. Some questions I honestly don't think to ask in those moments and others I know I am just afraid to.

The good news is that both babies hearts, kidneys, bladders and amniotic fluid are all still looking good. And they are sooooo active, it took them at least an hour just to do the scans because they wouldn't sit still :). She said those were all good signs and there are no visible suggestions that they are in any kind of distress.

She's careful to say we are no where near out of the woods by any means (just in case we are idiots, but in her defense, she doesn't know us yet). However she did say that if all of the above stayed stable AND they keep showing growth, we could hopefully get some more mileage out of this pregnancy.

It came up again about possibly doing an amnio to see if there are possible genetic issues on top of everything else that might be contributing to their issues. It would only give information, not a way to improve anything for them and potentially one more thing to worry over and stress about. its also a risk that it would put me into preterm labor so for many reasons, we are not interested in doing this. I don't think my spirit could take learning one more challenge they may face, at least not right now. I know that I will handle whatever God gives us at the end of this road but I'd rather learn about that when they are here and in my arms. I know I have to stay positive and strong for their sake, they are counting on me!

We will continue weekly dopplers and ultrasounds to closely monitor all of the above and every other week growth scans and if anything started to deteriorate we need to talk seriously of delivering them to give them the best chance, even though we know severe prematurity lends itself more complications. She said they are considered "viable" right now even though it would be far from ideal and that having them "cook" every day, every week longer gives them a better shot. She said to keep in mind that it is not just size of the babies but their gestational age that helps predict their outcome so we will keep praying for every day, every week that we can get.

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