Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hospital

Where to begin? We went for our routine doppler/ultrasound appointment yesterday morning and it turned out to be anything from routine. The good news first: the boys are still growing!!!! Baby A logged in at 1 pound, 3 oz and his brother a whopping 1 pound, 5 oz. We were just relieved to hear that they are still getting bigger in there, even if slowly. They look amazing on the ultrasound, still so active and busy (still have to get hubby to find some time to upload some pics of them to share our pride and joy).

Unfortunately, the dopplers looked worse for Baby B this time. Not only is it showing some absent flow, but also reversal of flow at times which I can't say I'm anywhere near an expert at any of this but its clear this is not good. The doctor is worried about the potential that this will cause undue stress on Baby B. Also routine blood pressure reveals my pressure is also raising (no idea why ofcourse) but all of this has them erring on the side of caution and sent me to the hospital for extra monitoring.

The boys are getting regular fetal monitoring as well as non-stress tests and so far are passing with flying colors. Their heart rates remain strong, they are active and not showing any distress at this point in their current environment. As tiny as they are, they are soooo strong and making mommy and daddy so proud.

I am currently on bed rest here, and only allowed "bathroom privileges"---its as exciting as it sounds folks, ha,ha. and as long as we were here, they went ahead and did their routine tests on me and found out I have gestational diabetes as well. Which means bed all day, bad TV and nooo junk food to chase it all down but still all manageable and likely very temporary. They continue to watch my blood pressures which remain moderately high and are checking blood work daily for any other signs of pre-eclampsia. I would ask what else could happen but I really don't want to know.

Right now we are focusing on all the positives, boys are still growing, looking strong. I have had both of my steroid shots now to help develop their lungs just in case things make a turn for the worse and they find that they have to deliver them very soon. I take comfort in the ever amazing circle of friends and family that continue to surround and support us; including the new friends we've made already at the hospital who we are finding incredibly attentive and reassuring, and I am as at peace as I can be that I am in the right place, in every context.

I used to worry when I learned we were having twins, how big would I get exactly? Now all I can think of is I hope I get REALLY HUGE. Keep baking boys~!!

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Lisa said...

Keep hanging in there! I know hospital bedrest is tough..but just watch a lot of movies, read, and surf the net. Praying for you.