Friday, April 24, 2009


We are HOME!!!! I was released just after 6pm lastnight. The boys dopplers are still very concerning, but at least they have not gotten worse. The only intervention they can do is to deliver them and everyone agrees unless something else changes, they are still better off hanging out with mom for right now. I can't say the doctors are ever really incredibly positive, even though things haven't gotten worse, its far from ideal but I think even they have been surprised about how well the boys have performed on their non-stress tests, bio physical profiles. On one of the tests, its a score out of a possible 10 and they both scored an A+ meaning right now, as far as anyone can tell, they are handling the challenges well. Obviously the concern is are they going to end up working too hard and go into distress so they will continue to watch them closely.

The doctors said they would LOVE if things remain stable enough to make it to 32 weeks before we have to deliver them but said 29 weeks is our next goal and benchmark (that's just really two weeks away) and my little guys are such fighters already, I think we can definitely make it!!!!

I definitely believe all the prayers and good thoughts being sent our way are truly working!!! My blood pressures have decreased, going from 150's/90's all week to yesterday all day more like 120's/130's over mid 70's without medication!!! I've been taught how to check my blood sugars four times a day and seeing how things go with that as well but even that looks to be going very well and the doctors hope to "liberalize" my diet restrictions if things continue to improve. They obviously don't want me to lose weight at this time and I really need to convince them that the breads, pastas and cakes that they took away are really the best kind of medicine for times like these :)

With everything above, the doctors did feel comfortable to release me to home on "modified" bed rest. Basically means I should be sitting most of the time, but I am allowed to do the stairs a couple times of day, and even walk very short distances. I have to go back Saturday morning and then about every other day next week for follow up tests for the boys but to be home is priceless!!!!!!!

It is ironic that the hospital is the place you go when you are ill and need care but its hardly a place where anyone can rest. I am more exhausted from being there and being poked and prodded every two hours around the clock, that coming home and having an uninterrupted block of time to actually rest is heaven sent. I don't know how others manage hospital bed rest for weeks, even months on end.

Thank you for all the love and support being sent our way and for our boys, we feel incredibly blessed to have such a huge and growing support system surrounding all of us. And ofcourse I couldn't imagine having to walk this road with anyone else other than my husband who has been my rock and already such an amazing Daddy!!!!

Here we are at 26 weeks,
were all growing fast now!!!

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