Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Things are slowwwwwwly improving in the sleep department. One or both boys are still waking up a couple times at night but mostly to talk to themselves or chew on their hands, not recently requiring one of us to get up. Ofcourse that doesn't stop me from being awake to watch and listen to them on the monitor just to make sure they don't need me (I'm obviously a glutton for middle of the night punishment but one baby step at a time, right?).

Nicholas has been having a flare up of his reflux in the last week so I've been on the phone to his GI office literally daily trying to work through what might work best for him. We are now trying another medication for him and have added back one that we've used in the past, just at a higher dose. We are hoping that does the trick. Bottle time has not been the most pleasant time yet again but this is a rollercoaster we've been on plenty of times before and we always get through it. The good news is both of their weights are still going up, up, up! Nicholas's weight as of last week was 13 pounds, three ounces. He had just gone down for a nap when the visiting nurse came yesterday and there was no way I was about to wake him up so we'll get another weight next week and give him some time to pack on the ounces! Alex has been doing that and then some. He is up to 14 pounds, 1 ounces and he's got those beautiful baby rolls to prove it!!!!

Our food adventures have turned to veggies and both boys seem to really like sweet potatoes! Alex is still trying to figure out the whole spoon thing, he wants to grab it out of our hands and play with it but really can't figure out why we are trying to put it in his mouth. Once we manage to get it in there though, he seems pleasantly surprised at the taste. We just practice every day. Nicholas has already become the expert at these things and generally has his mouth open before we scoop up the next bite. He much prefers the food versus that stuff in the bottle!

We have our first spina bifida clinic appt for Alex tomorrow and are anxious to see what its all about. We know its scheduled to a bit of a long day and that we will be seeing occupational and physical therapists, as well as his urologist. (We saw a neuro-developmental specialist apart from this visit last week and that went well, he just had a couple of recommendations.) We will also be taking Alex for another renal ultrasound to see how his kidneys are doing all before this appt. and I guess I"m most nervous about those results since he has had issues related to this before but hopefully all will go well.

We are trying to upload a video of the boys so check back soon, its worth a smile...

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Erin said...

I love the video... I couldn't help but to laugh along with wonderful!! It made my week. There is nothing quite like baby laughter :-) You will have to let us know how the clinic meeting goes. I agree with the boys; sweet potatoes rock!!!