Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our favorite faces!

We are very happy to announce that ALL the members of this household are starting to sleep better!!! Hopefully me writing that won't totally jinx it. 
(update: I will never mention "good" nights again! Nicholas was up at midnight, 2am and then I fed him at 3am. sigh. He's up for the day now at 6am and going strong)

The boys continue their food adventures, this week is featuring bananas and they are very happy with that. Alex apparently just needed the right motivation to figure out this whole spoon and eating thing. Carrots and squash were obviously not cutting it but he sure is doing a lot better now that we've turned to something sweeter. Imagine that. Yep, they may look like Daddy but still related to me :)

We have an incredibly busy week planned with appointments. I don't know how some of the big ones all tend to get lumped together but they do. Both boys see GI this week, and Alex also sees cardiology, the plastic surgeon, AND orthotics in addition to his regular twice weekly therapy and nursing visit. I'm tired just thinking about it all but we are hoping to make it a good week with all positive news!!!

Enjoy the pics!

Boys playing

uh oh.
Nicholas wondering what does this thing do?
It may look ominous but we're thinking Alex is encouraging him 
to help get it off. He hates the plastic in his nose.
We are praying that cardiology has some good news for us with this.

Nicholas found the oxygen tube again.....
this is his new favorite face. 
He has this new throaty giggle that comes with it
and it just cracks us up!

Ofcourse this is our favorite Nicholas face~!

And here's our other all time favorite face!

Alex sharing his personality instead of hiding it from the camera.
He can be such a ham these days, and we LOVE it!!!

Boys having a ball!


Leigh and Andy said...

Love the pictures! I'm sure that you just love watching them play together! :) Good luck with your crazy week...we'll be saying some prayers! :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are adorable, thanks for sharing. Love the pictures. Praying for them.

check out my blog. i was born with SB 39 yrs ago. i am writing a blog to encourage parents of babies and children with SB

Jennifer said...

Look at how cute they are!!! I love the pics. Especially the one where he's pulling his brother's tubes. My twins have just discovered they can pull out their brother's NG tubes. I guess that beats pulling out their own tube? Maybe? Good luck with the appointments; I know its hard having them all lumped together.