Friday, January 8, 2010

Eight months

The boys are doing very well, keeping mommy and daddy on their toes, morning and night, haha. We lost some ground a few weeks ago with that tummy bug regarding longer sleep stretches and we've not quite made it back. We were getting up twice a night again the last couple weeks, but it was okay because we knew they needed those extra calories. Now we are at least down to once a night again but boy that 2am feeding (times two) never gets easier.

We are now contemplating when to move the boys into separate cribs. They would still share a room but lately one is always waking up the other during naps AND nighttime and I'm wondering if at least separating them a little bit might help the one who wants to sleep a little longer do that....

We are also thinking that they might start sleeping better if they eat a little more. We ARE very grateful at how well they are actually drinking these days, because usually with one of them there is always a battle with the bottle but they seem hungrier than ever recently. The pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start trying some cereal so I'm so excited that we will be starting this weekend. I know it will likely be a very messy experiment instead of a "meal time" per say but I'm looking forward to helping them practice. Its just another big step in their little journey and one that we are already celebrating.

We are also very happy that they've played catchup with their weight loss and then some. As of a few days ago Nicholas is 12 pounds, eight ounces and Alex 13 pounds, three ounces!!!!

In other news the boys are just now starting to pay attention to eachother. We place them next to each other and they just stare and check each other out, it is an awesome thing to watch. I'm not sure they know what to make of each other yet but they are now very aware of the other. They are also putting just about everything in their mouths these days, and if they find each others hands, well that counts too!!

Lastly, Alex has really done exceptionally well adjusting to his helmet. He barely seems to notice it now, he is such a trooper. We go every week to have it checked and adjusted and so far so good. He's wearing it 23 hours a day and we take it off once or twice a day for no more than an hour to wash his head, the helmet, check the shunt and love on his sweet little head without the plastic being in the way. Absolutely no concerns with the shunt so far which is such a huge relief!!!

We can't believe its already the new year. Not to wish time away but we are looking forward to when the cold/flu season is over and we can stop feeling a little bit like prisoners in our home. We continue to do everything we can to keep the boys protected this season, even when that means having to stay away from family and friends who have runny noses and the like. We have kept the boys away from stores, church, and even missed seeing our little nieces and nephews who are in preschool and school for now because they are at so much higher risk of bringing something around. Its not easy, especially when we want to share these amazing little boys with the world.

I'm sure that some think that we are being too overprotective. All I have left to say on that matter is that we are going by the advice of their specialists in regards to their premature lungs and BPD (Bronchopulmonary dysplasia).. We'll keep doing what is in our power to help them in staying healthy and avoiding re-hospitalization this year. They will have plenty of time in the future to build up their immunity when their bodies are stronger to handle it. For anyone who still doesn't "get it", I'm actually happy for you, as you've obviously never had to learn about these complications related to having a micro-preemie. I honestly don't mean that sarcastically, I certainly would have never understood any of this prior to being thrown into this new world.

Alex LOVES sitting up and 'reading' his books!
Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?
Nicholas already has the daddy smirk down pat!
and his smiles are always priceless!

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Leigh and Andy said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are going well! There little cheeks are getting so full and chunky...I LOVE it!! :) They are SO lucky to have you two watching out for them and keeping them well during this cold/flu season! Hang in there, I'm hoping that before we know it the sun will be shining again!