Friday, January 22, 2010


Have I mentioned recently how lucky I am?? I often talk about how blessed I've been with two of the boys in my life, but too rarely about the amazing person who is been by my side through it all: my husband! We've been together.....gulp....over 16 years and married for 11. Wow, I certainly don't feel that old but I guess the numbers don't lie, ha,ha.

We've been through a lot in this amount of time together and Mark has been an incredible support system. Through the hard times he's given me "pep" talks, held my hand, (sometimes he's had to literally drag me forward when I felt like giving up), and he always finds a way to make me laugh.

He'll hate that I'm writing about him but we plan to print this blog out for the boys when they are older and it would be seriously remiss if I didn't share just a little bit about their dad: He couldn't wait to be a dad! It was through his unending support that we finally got our miracles.

From the very beginning when they lived in the NICU for over three months, he was there every single day to see them, hold them, love them, advocate for them. I think maybe one day he couldn't come because he was afraid he was getting sick and he didn't dare bring anything near them and he was absolutely miserable with missing them.

When we brought the boys home, he doted on them like all new parents do. But he was all about getting his hands dirty too. He has never shied away from any of the things that the boys required, from the more simple things like changing diapers, baths, to giving medications in syringes, monitoring oxygen, even ugh, giving enemas because his babies needed them sometimes.

He always shared the responsibility of getting up in the middle of the night to do feedings and he has honestly never complained. After 5 1/2 months of having them home, we STILL share responsibility of middle of the night needs. He certainly has earned the right to say that he has an early meeting to get to, or has an extra long day ahead, etc but he has just never done that. He actually even argues with me who has had the harder day and he always suggests me, who does that?

I always knew what a great Dad he would be but its incredibly special to see it in action. He can't get enough of his boys. He always calls and checks in with us during the day to ask how the boys are doing. After working a long day, he seems to have renewed energy when he walks in the door and sees them. He spends the rest of the evening playing, feeding, changing, and snuggling and offering me some time to rest, shower, whatever. I almost always have to remind him when its time to put them down to bed because he's never ready. I know the boys feel this. The way they look at him back, and I swear sometimes they save their best smiles until Daddy gets home. I will always remind them how lucky they are to have a Daddy like him!!

Happy Birthday love!!!

My three handsome fellas, a girl just doesn't get luckier than this!!!!


Kari said...

soooo sweeet. sometimes the daddies do get forgotten. he sounds like a keeper!! : )

Mark Rissberger said...

Don't let her fool you. I would be sooooo lost without her.

Anonymous said...

I looooooove this post. It made me cry! You are both capital A-mazing parents. Though some days are challenging, and others seem more so, friends and family that are far away, and above us, know that Alexander and Nicholas have found the most loved and supportive home to grow up in. Both of you think you're lucky...well, Alex and Nicholas know they're lucky!!!