Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wanted to do a post not talking about medical updates or challenges but just about how amazing I think my boys are. I actually started this one several months ago but am finding it harder and harder to piece together more than a few minutes at a time (imagine that, ha,ha). There are few older pictures/videos in here that even though they are older are still really cute.

so here's one for Nicholas!!!! There are so, soooo many things I love about you Nicholas. It would be impossible to list them all.

But here's just a few.......

Every new stage is my FAVORITE stage
For the last several months
 you have been SUPER busy practicing moving furniture (a.k.a walking)
yep, you move every thing you can find thats not nailed down,
 slamming into any thing in your way, (these are from a couple months ago but sooo cute)

 But its when you are pushing things---using everything as a "walker" that you are at your absolute happiest!!!!

I love how you check in with me when you are about to explore something new to get my reaction....,

"I"m going to help you mama, okay?" "see this is me being super cute helping you,
 really how can you say no?"

It doesn't stop you..... but I love that you do it!!!

 I love how you are fascinated by every thing

and how determined you are

and that look on your face when you accompish something new
ah, ha, gotcha!

I love that you like to snuggle and that even in the middle of the day out of nowhere you will crawl into my lap to do so. No matter what kind of day I'm having, it absolutely melts me
(and I"m pretty certain, any one special enough who gets this gift!)

I love your serious, contemplative side when you are just taking it all in

I love how you stick your tongue out when you are concentrating on something

I love your "squinty" face and how you do it to make US laugh and yet it makes YOU laugh every time you do it too!!!

The crazy squeal you do when you're having a blast.

The familiar smirk that is sooooo your daddy

seriously, that smirk must be in the DNA

I challenge any one not to crack a smile when you are!!

Oh and ohhhhh how I love that your a mommy's boy
at least for right now
I'll try to soak up every second because I know
its not forever
 I love, love that no matter who's in the room, its me you look and reach for when you need comforting. such a powerful feeling being a mama. I love how you always reach up for whatever necklace I'm wearing to touch when you're getting sleepy or just needing some extra love. You've done this since you were a baby and its just your thing, its sooooo sweet.
 I love how busy, busy, busy you are and yet you always come back to me to "check in" with me throughout the running, like I am your home base. Its hard on others but I secretly (not so secretly now) love that you are so tuned in to me that you sense as soon as I'm not in the room and you go to seek me out.

I love that you look soooo much like your daddy yet you have my fiery "spirit" (a.k.a temper). okay I don't always love that but at least I know I'm in there somewhere.

 I read somewhere that once you become a Mother its like your heart beats permanently outside your chest. I totally get that now. I love you sweet Nicholas!!!

this was from a couple months ago but realize
I never posted. I think you need a dog in the future but
for now I love that you "walk" your car


Joanna said...

Wow that was amazingly sweet and so beautiful! I loved every minute of it. :) What a wonderful idea and SO worth the weeks it took to put it together! I can't wait to read Alex's - should I grab the tissues?? lol.

Jill said...

Oh, I loved that!! Such a sweet, amazing, adorable little boy.

Selina said...

Absolutely precious!

Chuck and Heather said...

Amazing!! I thought of Braelyn the whole time.:) She does so many of those same things. Always has to check back in with Mommy. And I LOVE it! We really do need to have our babies meet someday. Possibly two matches made in heaven! ;)

MJ's Mommy said...

AMAZING is the kind of mom you are...I see it in every picture you post and every word you write! How Blessed Nicholas and Alexander are to call you Mommy!!!! Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics...how wonderfully you have captured Nicholas to a T!!

Jamie said...

So very very sweet!