Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nicholas walking

There is a lot of moving going on in our house right now, and I'm not talking about the whole getting ready to move thing. I"m talking about my boys!

I've been trying to get some decent footage on Nicholas and his walking but it never fails that as soon as I get the camera out, he just gets all "deer in the headlights" and all activity stops. His first independent steps began over two months ago but he just didn't seem ready to let go of all of his push "toys" to really get the walking thing down. But during the last week or so, thats all changed.

He's taking steps ALL the time now. He's falling a lot ofcourse too but still. The look on his face when he's doing it is priceless, the look thats like "yeah, I'm doing something big here and I know it." What I also love, love, love is that it almost seems as if each of the boys was waiting for the other to really get moving. I just don't think its a coincidence that Nicholas is finally taking off just as Alex is finally getting a chance to also be upright and moving. I just know that there is this twin/brother thing going on between them. The way they look at each other and its like they speak their own language. I know it sounds hokey but I'm witnessing it daily.

 Hey, you thinkin what I"M thinkin?
 Yeah, lets get her!!!
 For the record it was a vegetable soup kind of day
and just to add some fun, I offered prunes to Alex
you know to help things a long.
ofcourse you can't give something to one boy
and have the other not want some too.
so Mama did not stay very clean during this lunch!!!
 Lucky for me these messy boys clean up pretty cute!!!

Needless to say, my heart is sooooo full!!!!

Anyway finally got some footage of Nicholas doing his thing. He loves doing his "laps" between his daddy and me!!!


Stefanie said...

love it :) glad you were able to catch some more on video!

Chuck and Heather said...

Awesome! And I agree with you on the "twin language" thing. Our girls will sometimes just look at each other and start laughing hysterically for no reason. They already have inside jokes I guess. :) Loved the video!!!

Dill Family said...

So glad you and your husband have these boys and that your boys have each other! What a blessing!:)

Leigh and Andy said...

He looks like such a pro! Such a blessing that the boys have each other...and how amazing is it, that they waited so that they could both be up and going sweet. My sister has twins and I TOTALLY believe in the whole twin thing!!

Joanna said...

What a precious smiles-all-around post! I love it! How amazing to have boys with such a beautiful bond - it must be magical to watch. I love the video too! :) Congratulations - so happy for you!

Jill said...

Look at him go, how awesome! I love the twin pictures. That must be so incredible to watch. What a bond those two boys have!