Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Mario

After a longgggggg wait, Alex finally got his very own wheels. We trialled out this mobile stander back in Sept and again in October before we could finally justify to insurance that Alex would greatly benefit from this. Three long months later and he got his very own!!!!! It has felt like such a long wait. We had borrowed one from a loan closet without wheels but it was too big for him to ever really feel comfortable in it, even with all of our attempts to prop him up and distract him with toys. It didn't have wheels either so he had no freedom. but now, he has wheels, and the wait?  soooooo entirely worth it to see his smile, hear his laughter.

I was a little worried he'd not remember how to use it and start all over again. Silly Mommy, always managing to worry over nothing. Alex certainly didn't forget. He LOVES his wheels. This is only his second time in it since getting it late yesterday and he's already figuring it out, his arms are so much stronger than when he borrowed one just like it a couple months ago and he's going fast, fast, fast. Makes a momma's heart so very happy to see her little one soooo happy! Now the only concern? keeping BOTH boys safe while Alex (quickly becoming known as little Mario Andretti) is flying around these parts!!!

For those that aren't familiar you can read about standers here . You might not be able to see it so well in the video but Alex is standing in this mobile stander. He has his "boots" on to keep his feet and ankles stable and he's locked into knee stabilizers as well. His upper back and bottom are supported as well. Standers have a tremendous amount of benefits medically as well as developmentally and socially for those who can not otherwise stand on their own! Alex's arrived late yesterday afternoon and fits him perfectly. We couldn't find any before this one that actually fit him. At 26 inches, he's still a pretty little one and a half year old but with a very BIG spirit!!!

Nicholas also wants to get his hands on these wheels BADLY ha,ha and its a bit challenging keeping him out of the danger zone, ha,ha. Yeah, life's pretty good if this is my biggest concern these days!!!!!

This isn't the best video quality but I just couldn't wait to share so hope you enjoy!!!! I'll be back with more soon!!!!


thanks to our awesome therapist Julie for all of her support in getting this for our little guy
and keeping his brother out of danger and even laughing during our therapy time :)



Leigh and Andy said...

Holli!!! He is doing AMAZING in it!!! I can't believe that that was only his second time in one...just awesome!! Go Alex!!! :)

Chuck and Heather said...

Wow! He's awesome! Gwen loves to "stand" in hers, but she's not quite the go-getter Alex is as far as being mobile in it. But I totally understand your worry about keeping Nicholas out of the way. That's a situation at our house as well. Braelyn just thinks it's another push toy for her! :) And I'm here to tell you from experience that it hurts like heck when that thing rolls over your toes. I'm so glad insurance finally agreed to get Alex one!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh!!! How is it possible that he looks so little and so grown up at the same time? That is awesome! I just love the look on his face at the start. He moves so well!!!

ChaneyM said...


Stefanie said...

so fantastic! look at him go!!

Colleen said...

SO GREAT! Watch out, brother!

Dill Family said...

What an amazing little driver!! He's amazing in that thing!! LOVE it!!

Stephanie said...

How quickly our kids can pick up on "wheel" stuff never ceases to amaze me. People always comment on how well Nate maneuvers his chair and he seriously picked it up in two days. Alex is no exception! Love to see him GO!!!! And the giggling, ahhhh I could listen to that all day. Love your boys! They are just pure JOY!!!

Amanda said...

Wow look at him go!!
I LOVE the laughs!

cfallone said...

Holli, OMG, his laugh is just precious. He is so happy. What a beautiful video of such an amazing boy. I am so happy for him. He already has the hang of it and loves it!Now he can keep up, or pass, Nicholas!