Monday, June 22, 2009



Things can change on a dime. Nicholas has been doing so well off of both the Ventilator and even c-pap all week. We knew it wouldn't be just smooth sailing from here but we relished in a number of wonderful days and could just hope that they would continue without any big bumps anytime soon.

Unfortunately we went to see the boys yesterday and Nicholas was not himself. They noticed a large red puffy area on his arm where an IV was earlier in the day and we noticed right away he was not acting normally. He was quite lethargic even when being fussed with, changing diapers and drawing blood when the usual Nicholas would have a hand in "helping" or at least "chatting" with you during it. The rest of the day was spent with more tests, cultures, x-rays and even a spinal tap.

At this point they believe he is fighting a bacterial infection from his arm that hopefully has not spread in his blood stream. The spinal tap preliminary results at least came back negative so it looks like whatever infection he is fighting has not spread to his brain (Thank you God)! But he's also running a fever, has a lot of increased secretions in his airway and was really fighting for every breath and the doctors think this also looks like something Viral on top of everything else. They have cultured him for the flu, etc. He was put back on the ventilator which ofcourse broke mom and dad's heart to see him have to go back on that, even temporarily. We understand that his body needs a break and he needs the energy to fight the infection while the machine can help breathe for him. They also moved him to isolation to be extra cautious and to keep whatever this is contained as well as to minimize any other potential contaminants from him.

Our hearts are heavy but we are comforted knowing that Nicholas has the love and support and prayers of so many. We anxiously await for the rest of his test results and pray that this is just a bump in the road for him and that he will have a quick recovery and back on solid ground soon. We desperately wish our boys didn't have to fight so hard, but they are so strong and we are so unbelievably proud of them!

We are grateful for the continued prayers for both of our boys!


Pam said...

Will pray for your little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

This is Erika (SunnySanDiego) from babycenter. I have been following your blog and I just wanted you to know we are praying for your little ones. YOu always go there and post such nice advices and comments and you have so much in your plate. You are an inspiration.