Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beginning Anew

We are celebrating so many firsts this week, it truly feels like we are beginning anew. Parents of preemies have to be very patient for the things that parents of full term babies get all at once. It has been a long six and a half weeks but this week we have finally gotten an unobstructed view of our beautiful babies faces, even if for just a couple of blissful minutes. I was able to hold each of my boys in the same day and even Grandpa was able to sneak in a little holding for the first time this week. Mark and I also got our first family picture and got to sit side by side holding our boys for the very first time lastnight.

I also got to dress Nicholas for the first time yesterday (he is swimming even in the preemie clothes but still looks soooo cute). He's been maintaining his body temperature on his own for the first time and actually getting too warm all wrapped up in the incubator. There is talk that he will be graduating to a "big boy bed" very soon, possibly this week, which looks like just a regular hospital crib.

As any parent can attest to, it is the most incredible thing to watch your children begin to take notice of the world around them, including watching them really begin to focus on their mommy and daddy. It is impossible to put into words the joy that is filling our hearts, hopefully these pictures say it all.

Look closely (Nicholas in first outfit)

First family picture

Alex is not the only one sleeping better these days!


Anonymous said...

Holli and Mark, these are just fantastic pictures. How nice to see you holding them both, I am very happy for you both.
You are all in our prayers (as always)

Ray H.

Pam said...

They are super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Holli I am SO incredably happy that little Nick will get to be moving up to his new bed. I can not believe that he is maintaing his own weight! That is so awsome! Good job little one! So glad that thing continue to improve for all of you. Love all the pics of you and your family.