Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Can't resist sharing more pictures from another beautiful day. Both boys continue to do very well off of the ventilator and they BOTH got to come out for holding so it doesn't get much better than that!!!! With the help of another skilled photographer (hehem, a.k.a Grandpa), we actually got some great shots of both boys awake which has been a rare sighting.

Grandpa just happened to be visiting when Mommy was busy holding Alex. At the same time the nurse was changing Nicholas who ended up creating a bit of a mess all over his bedding. Poor Grandpa had to be called to action to hold him while the nurse did the dirty job. This might send rumblings throughout the rest of the grandparent community, as this is the first time someone else has been able to hold them other than mommy and daddy....Usually only parents get to hold in the NICU so this was very special...

Mommy and Alex


Grandpa with Nicholas



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Anonymous said...

How happy I am for you and your family. The boys are gorgeous! The smiles on everyones faces says it all. We love you all and you continue to be in our thoughts & prayers.
Aunt Marilyn