Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Moments

Its shocking in many ways that our boys are already a month old, its really indescribable how much love overflows from our hearts for them already. Its still incredibly surreal that they are here in this world, Mark and I look at eachother some nights and say "can you believe that we have two sons?" I'm not sure it will truly hit us until we can have them home.

In every other way this past month has been the longest month of our lives. Everyone says it will get easier, and that they will get stronger but some days its just hard to see beyond just the moment we are in. So we try to hold onto the really great moments to make it through the tougher ones. Some of the best moments have been to watch how peaceful they look when they are sleeping, or when they hold onto your finger so tightly, or when they open their eyes and you swear they are looking right at you (even though the "experts" tell you that they can't see yet--some things I'd prefer to stay naive about, thanks).

One of the best moments that I think both Mark and I can hold onto for a good long while is the feeling of each of us holding our sons tonight. Mark got to hold Nicholas while I got to hold Alex. It was the first time Mark has ever held Nicholas and the first time that we had both of our boys out of their incubators at the same time. It is one of the great things about having twins, we didn't have to fight over who got to hold the baby :). It was a very special night!!!!

Alex's sweet little hand


Nicholas's tiny toes

Alex holding Mommy's finger

Daddy holding Nicholas for the first time!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, they are truly beautiful! ~Jodi