Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Pictures

Professional photo day:

Even though Alex is not sharing his smile here,
it was honestly the BEST one taken of the family photos. 

I didn't realize until AFTER the photos were done,
When we had planned our outfits
we were supposed to be holding the opposite kid.

Here is the ONLY one we managed to get 
of BOTH boys.
Another ARGH for mommy

Any one who has ever met Alex
or has heard me talk about him
knows that he has the most awesome smiles
you have to earn them!

this poor photographer
didn't have a chance. 
As Alex's Uncle Alan says:
"this kid doesn't mess around."

But on another note,
doesn't he look so.....
grown up here?

Meet Nicholas
Here's the boy that DOES like
to mess around.......

This is his FAVORITE hat
He decided to put Alex's lovey on his head
all by himself.

Such a ham!!!!

Needless to say 
Mommy was very disappointed that we didn't get to capture
any of Alex's sweet expressions

So part two session by wannabe photographer (mommy)
commenced as soon as we got home:

Alex holding his lovey
in his mouth...

He usually only needs his lovey
at nap and bedtime
traumatizing events
(like above photography session)

Here he comes.....
The Alex WE know and love so well

and since this has turned into a picture-fest,
here's a few more I just have to share:

Getting ready for Easter
Who is that Bucketed boot wearing boy?

Silly Nicholas ofcourse

We have tried to meet the Easter Bunny twice now
This is as close as we get

only puts on a smile
when he waves "bye-bye"

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liz kulp said...

great photos! and yes... we know your plight...we have YET to get a decent family photo where everyone is looking at the camera, let alone smiling! Maybe when our kids are all 15 right?