Sunday, April 15, 2012

The conversation

This is Nicholas. He and Alex spent the morning at their Papa's 
and got to play with their cousins Kyle and Chloe. 
Here he is trying to tell us all about it.

He was much easier to understand when he was only using single or two-three words. 
Recently he's been doing more "conversations". 
We're absolutely loving his enthusiasm for talking. 
Its just gotten very challenging to translate. 

We have partially translated it with Papa and Mammie.
The "clap" was about a tree in their neighbors yard
 being taken down,
they also were playing hide and seek with their cousins. 

The really funny part?
Nicholas received an evaluation recently and he is thought to be 
behind moderately in some social and adaptive domains.
No thats not the funny part.
He was only thought to have a "mild" speech delay.....
Yep, chew on that one :)

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Sue said...

Right on, guys! Yes, definite enthusiasm and he's not shy about talking here. I think I heard Alex, too! I love that he's so excited to tell you about his day! Hopefully that'll keep up and not change in 10 years time :) What nice music to one's ears.