Monday, December 27, 2010


Last Christmas.......

soooooo so adorable. I want to crawl into the photo and snuggle right in with them.
I love that they used to cuddle all up together

But this year brings a whole new kind of wonderful.
The boys weren't too sure about this whole unwrapping presents thing. 
They weren't even that interested through much of it, 
and when they did get curious, it was pretty tentative. 

Nicholas: Its really okay I just ripped through this thing?
Alex: easily distracted, but happy to find something new to 'eat'
 After he opened his first present on Christmas morning, Nicholas seriously went over to his chair and signed that it was time to eat. Really.
 He figured out after breakfast that were actually 
some really neat things in all of those "boxes" just waiting for him. 

Nicholas: YES, this is the book I wanted!!!!!!!!

and the best part: all the loving on and from our family and friends!!!!!

There's absolutely NOTHING like seeing the smiles from your little ones faces!!!!!!



Joanna said...

hehe! Too cute! Love how breakfast was more important than presents! :) Jet was still more into the wrapping with most gifts and would even shove certain gifts (ie. clothes) back at me when I tried to show him. lol.

Stephanie said...

Oh Holli, your boys bring a smile to my face every time! The are getting so BIG and more adorable every day. I love the one of Alex and his "squishy" face at the end. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

Valerie Leigh said...

The boys expressions always put a smile to my face. They look like they had a wonderful Christmas!

Leigh and Andy said...

Looks like the perfect Christmas! :) Those boys just keep getting cuter and cuter!! Love them!

HennHouse said...

They are so CUTE!

I love the photo where he looks so unsure about ripping into the present. PRICELESS!

KeicherMom said...

I love the picture of Alex and the book - he's just so excited! Emily too, was more interested in the usual (breakfast) than any gift. I'm sure they'll be ripping through gifts in no time...

Erin said...

Very cute! I am glad to hear (and see) that you had a nice Christmas. Love all the smiles