Tuesday, December 14, 2010

photo out-takes

Photo outtakes:
Any one knows that taking your child to get their pictures done is a process. 
It SHOULD be simple. 
Pick outfit, bring child 
or so thought the person who obviously didn't have children.

I thought I had it pretty well figured out. I would schedule the photos for right after the boys had their "well rested" nap and after they've had a hearty breakfast and bottle so they wouldn't be hungry and cranky. I also scheduled it for mid morning which tends to their "happy" time. I picked out cute coordinating outfits, brushed their teeth, their hair and brought their favorite snack "just in case."

The reality is: 
kids have their own agenda
and they don't so much care about yours.

 any one with more than one child will tell you,
getting a picture of ONE child smiling is a gift
 getting the same picture with two or more children smiling
 well, thats just a dream
at least at this age.

 ummm...guys...did you know nothing is in here?
 really, they want us to smile over a couple empty boxes.
 and a lousy ornament. well could have stayed home for this
 hmmm but I've got my eye on all of those cords....both boys in their ready to take off position.
mom and dad got their exercise just constantly putting them back 
and saying just hurry up and take a picture. now. fast
 before they are off again.
 pulling the ear must be "the" sign that you better give up at least one smile 
or we'll have to be here forever.

 Alex finally smiled on his way to get those cords

and luckily that camera click was fast because, phew, they got it on film!!!
 and one for Nicholas too!!!
these last two shots though
sure made up for the chaos of it all!!!


Ben, Jamie, Joshua and Caleb said...

Oh my goodness...I laughed out loud at this post! Such handsome little men...smiling or not. :)

Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud myself. How cute!!! The comments are priceless. When they are all grown up, the boys will have quite a laugh themselves!

Grandma Karen

Amanda said...

Too funny!
I loved your comments - I can only imagine with 2 the same age - we went through something similar a couple of weekends ago.
And the thoughts 'click now! What are you waiting for!' went through my head multiple times.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Our last attempt resulted in the 5 yr old trying really hard to smile (and looking weird) and the 2 yr old refusing to release me leg. Your boys are totally adorable even if they aren't totally cooperative :)