Monday, November 1, 2010


The boys (all three of them) started celebrating Halloween a couple days early when I brought the kids in to visit Mark at work. Mark works for a great company and they take the holidays very seriously. Each department comes up with a theme and they go all out. Its fun. Marks department was Mario brothers in case you can't tell from his get up.
Lion (a.k.a Alex) wasn't sure what he wanted to pull off from Daddy more,
his hat or his "mustache"
Nicholas was busy flirting with all of the pretty ladies

Dragon (a.k.a Nicholas) asking Luigi (a.k.a. Daddy) "are you looking at me?"
Alex was playing hard to get.

Then on the actual night we invited some very pretty witches (a.k.a cousins)
and another dragon over for a visit.

Can you believe this dragon is just a month older than ours?
Sorry Nicholas, he doesn't have vertically challenged parents like you do.

Anybody there? a little help here? I mean "ROAR"--get some help over here.

oh......whose idea was this anyway?
our little dragon was fairing similiarily
but still flirting his way though

Here he is trying to get out the door with Uncle Mark to get some candy
By the end of the night, they were tuckered out

Nicholas perked up a second seeing the bowl of candy,
definitely related to his mama

Once they realized they weren't getting any of these treats,
it was all Bye Bye!!


Joanna (and David) said...


Amanda said...

Very Adorable costumes!
Tell Nicholas that the good thing about having vertically challenged parents is that you get to sit in the front of school pictures!
My daughter doesn't have a chance! Though my Nickolas is sprouting up quickly.

Jill said...

SO CUTE!!! Love their costumes! Love the flirting!