Friday, November 5, 2010

Number six

 Here was Alex before surgery this morning. He was very skeptical of the "new" people milling around him but enjoyed one on one time with mommy and daddy and his favorite things, books.

This was Alex after surgery. My usually "too busy moving and shaking baby" to sit and cuddle for even a second but then when sick or not feeling well turns into the baby who snuggles deeply into you for hours at a time; I've said it before but its sooo bittersweet. Luckily I am able to hold on tightly in these moments, for him and for me, soaking every last drop of it in and reminding myself that this sweet chunky love is doing absolutely AMAZING. I may hate the reasons that he is folded into my arms in these moments but I"m darn sure going to take them and wring them all out as long as I have them.


Surgery went VERY well in the words of his urologist. It was a very long surgery in our eyes, well over three hours but not unexpected. The surgeon had a lot of very delicate detailed work to do and we ofcourse are glad he was not rushed. Alex did unbelievably well under that long with anesthesia given what we know about his lung issues. He was able to be extubated right after surgery and just on a little bit of oxygen. A huge relief all in and of itself. It took him several hours after surgery to come around but we were able to be on the way back home by dinner time. 

oh and the surgery itself? VERY successful. I'll spare you the nitty gritty details but for any one truly interested or who speaks urology, he had a very extensive hypospadius and chordee repair as well as orchidopexy repair. It was so extensive that the surgeon had prepared us that he would more than likely require a second surgery to do the "finishing" work. After today, the surgeon stated that he was able to do everything he needed to do in just this one surgery and that he does not anticipate needing any further surgeries for this. Hubby and I just looked at each other. We didn't even know that we could hope for that. We figured it was just something that would have to happen. Hearing that your baby does NOT need to have another anticipated surgery is beyond amazing. This was already number six for him and yeah, we are okay with six being last. We feel that six is a good number. We would have never wished for six but now that we are here, we love six. We are MORE than happy to stop there. 

Life has admittedly thrown some pretty darn tough things at him in his 18 months of life (wow, I can't believe its been 18 months). But Alex you are such a fighter. And not in a loud, annoying in every ones face kind of way. You possess this quiet, resilient kind of strength that most people take near a lifetime to cultivate, yet you seemed to have been simply born into this world with. 

You have this serious contemplative side about you, this quiet, searching, take it all in 

and then bam, out of nowhere you bust out with your crazy giggles and squeals

 and I love your ability to amuse even you.

and this hilarious wriggle up your nose and snort thing? laugh out loud funny, even to you. Same thing your brother has been doing. Do all kids do this? It just cracks me up.

The last few pics were taken yesterday at Alex's orthotic appt. While we were waiting we found a mirror that was just calling to Alex. Apparently he was really taken with the "other" little boy in the mirror so I snapped a few pictures. so sweet.


krousehouse said...

I am so glad to know Alex's surgery went well, and so glad he won't have to have another scheduled. He is a strong little boy already, more so than most people ever are. Best wishes for a beautifully quick recovery.

Dill Family said...

Glad all is well and you can enjoy the weekend! I agree 6 is a good number!:)

caryanne said...

So glad to hear that it went so well! Aren't our children just amazing??? Ben continues to amaze me every day.

Glad to hear 6 is your magic number. We've had no surgeries to date...but they are definitely in our future. Boo.

MJ's Mommy said...

so HAPPY to hear surgery went so well and no more, wow what great news!!!!

Scasmflops said...

so happy that everything went well! Love his giggly face.

Anonymous said...

Alex looks great! Love the "cuddle pics". I've been there. Bitter sweet. :-) And Gwen makes the same wrinkled nose and snort face. I thought it was just a "Gwen thing". But apparently a lot of kids do it! It cracks us up each time too.

Stephanie said...

Praise that Alex's surgery was so successful! He is such a little trooper. I do think all babies have their own variation of the wrinkled nose thing...does Alex wave his arms while he does it? Nate STILL does this, and I have no idea where he got it from but it is so cute!

Jill said...

So so so so happy to hear that it went well! And cheers to no more! What amazing news. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your little man's surgery went well! My sweet boy also has hypospadias and will have the surgery in a few months. Who was your son's surgeon if I may ask?God bless you and your beautiful boys!

Holli (and Mark) said...

To anonymous, just saw your note. The urologist who also did Alex's surgery is Bill Hulburt. We HIGHLY recommend him.