Friday, October 29, 2010


Hope this makes you laugh. Its just a typical night in our house. We are loving how much the boys are "chatting" (a.k.a squealing). sorry its a bit long.

Stay tuned for more posts with lots of pics soon, have several in the works. The quick update is the boys are doing fabulous, busy as ever. Nicholas is still our crazy monkey child, he is every where, moving every thing he can push to walk but not quite ready to let go for long. He's recently learned how to "dance" which is so stinking cute. He not only moves his legs but does this funny thing with his head, almost looks like he's shaking his head no but has more of a bounce to it. hysterical.

Alex is doing great, he misses his "wheels" (a.k.a mobile stander) that we had to give back. We are not so patiently waiting for insurance to approve his own. We have a loaner stationary one that he's really too short to be in but we are trying to make it work. We bring him all these toys to try to bribe him to stay in it for a little bit but he's not having it. He just throws them all down and looks at us. We've been trying to teach both of the boys some sign language and he's got his form of "more" down by clapping his hands. But he uses this to tell us everything he wants. And he furiously claps his hands and furrows his brows when he wants down or is done with something. We thought his brother had the corner on temper tantrums but Alex is just starting to show us now that he can throw one down just as well as his brother. Its pretty funny (for now)!!

In other updates, Alex is officially no longer a pirate every morning. He was seen by the eye doctor who thinks his "lazy" eye is much improved and we can stop patching. YEAH!!!! Its always nice to be able to let go of something, so we'll take it!!!

He has his urology surgery a week from today and we are anxious ofcourse. Its another surgery. Even though it is a three hour surgery, he is expected to be released the same day as long as he recovers well from anesthesia so I'd be grateful for prayers for him. We will be happy to put one more of these behind him!


matt said...

Love it!

Dill Family said...

Aww, what a fun family!! They are both moving so well:)

KeicherMom said...

So adorable! Glad to hear things are well, will be thinking of you guys as the surgery approaches.

Stephanie said...

So fun seeing them in action! I loved when Alex was petting the cat (that is one patient cat-our dog gets up and moves whenever Nate gets even remotely close!) You can truly see what happy boys they are in this video. We'll be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery for Alex.

MJ's Mommy said...

LOVE the pics from Mark's work and all the fun costume pics! Adorable as always ;)

Jill said...

Alex is such a great comando crawler! What awesome laughs they have. I could listen to kids laugh all day long. :) YAY for no more patches!