Friday, September 10, 2010

For Sale

I think we're crazy. okay I KNOW we are crazy. In the last two weeks we have decided to put our house up for sale, with hopes to build a ranch home with better accessibility for Alex in the future. This move would  really reduce hubby's commute time to and from work so more time with the boys, and be with a school district with a great reputation. The area we are hoping for is in a quiet cul de sac of about 14 homes where we also learned from one of the neighbors already has a family with get this....twin boys roughly the same age as ours. Thats crazy. I hope its a sign we are doing the right thing.

The move is really bittersweet. We've been in our home 10 years and have built a lot of memories ofcourse in these years. Especially most recently in the last almost 16 months, well these months have been my favorite. Watching the boys grow and explore, from just bringing them home and having them cuddle and sleep together in our living room, stretching out together in the bassinet, all the way to now creeping across the floors, peering out windows, "talking" to each other across cribs, climbing first steps. oh these memories are in my heart forever.

I know we'll make new ones for sure, GREAT ones. And for us, we are lucky to have an opportunity to try and build a wonderful home for our family with big wide open spaces all on one floor, easier access into doorways in what already seems like a wonderful, close knit neighborhood. We were invited into one neighbors home and we were able to hear about all the other families who live there. Standing in that cul de sac, I could just SEE us there, it feels right. So we put down a deposit to hold the lot on condition of us selling our home in this not so great market.......and then......

the day after we were notified of Alex losing his insurance Oct. 1st which caught us completely by surprise and are working furiously to see what our options are. We have insurance through my husbands work ofcourse but pharmacy benefit alone is really poor and his medications and special formula alone are hundreds of dollars a month. Once we get his allergy testing done, we'll know better what our options are for trying to transition him to something else but what? oh well we've waited almost two months to get him into the allergist since he and his brother had broken out in hives with dairy. We were supposed to take both boys finally to get testing done but now we've had to cancel it because of Alex's surgery which if you follow us, you already know that also came on abruptly just a couple days ago. 

To say that I'm a little on edge is putting it very nicely. We've been working hard to do all the necessary things of decluttering our home, cleaning like mad, kicking ourselves for not doing some of this stuff long before now, and trying to get it looking "model ready" in the last week. We got photos pf the house taken while the boys were sleeping so it could stay that way for a minute, ha,ha. Life just feels a bit crazy right now. 

I'm overwhelmed at  the thought of keeping the house this "perfect" in every day life of two babes and two cats for an uncertain amount of time as well as getting two babes and two cats out of the house without leaving a train wreck behind when any one comes calling. I know a million of people have had to go through this and we will survive it too!!!

Wow, lately I've been feeling and sounding quite whiny and I apologize. I hate that feeling. We know things could always be and for others even, far, far worse and even when feeling whiny I never lose sight of how blessed we are. Alex is getting GREAT medical care from a huge team of doctors we have our trust in and feeling very grateful that we live in a city with such resources right at home. I promise I'll be feeling a lot less whiny after Monday (knock wood).

Mostly I am praying on Monday for Alex and his surgery to be what he needs to breathe easier, sleep and feel better and to have no complications. His surgery is scheduled for 9am and I strongly believe in the power of prayer and gratefully accept any and all on Alex's behalf for an uncomplicated surgery and recovery. It is considered minor I know but it never feels minor when its your child ofcourse. And I'm hoping that the benefits will be anything but.
thanks and with much love,
Holli & Mark


Joanna (and David) said...

Oh sweet momma you are NOT whiney! Goodness! You have had SO much going on the last few weeks that puts even more pressure on the normal pressures (having TWINS. Have a baby with SB. Having KIDS AT ALL! lol) And now moving - man - you're keeping it together marvelously if you ask me. I'm so inspired by you. I can't tell you how I read your story and how you stay so positive and I think "could I do that? could I be that strong?" You are such an encouragement and perspective checker for me just by the way you live your life and love your family - and I am so thankful for you. Stay strong - I can't wait to see your new home (if it all works out) but if if doesn't - that just means there is something else coming down the road. Kiss those baby boys. That always makes me feel relaxed. :)

Liz Keicher said...

Good luck with the potential move! Sounds like it's the right thing for you guys - so you should go after it!

Still sending prayers for Alex with the surgery and really hoping this ends up being the apnea solution, too!

Selina said...

Oh Holli!
That really is SO much to deal with...just take a deep breath, and know that God's timing is perfect, and everything will go perfectly according to His plan. I'm praying for Alex's surgery, and for your peace and continued strength. Hang in there, Girl! hugs!

Colleen said...

Oh wow! How exciting! And stressful at the same time. I know what it's like trying to sell a house and keep it ready to show at all times with kids, and it's hard! But it won't last forever. Good luck with it all!

Jennifer said...

VeI've been bad about following, what surgery is he getting? I saw you had mentioned something about his airway--in case I hadn't told you before one of my twins had to get a suppraglottoplasty last November because he has a floppy airway. If it's anything like that, let me know/feel free to ask questions. My email is jenniferyarb at gmail dot com. Congrats on your upcoming move. I think culdesacs are so nice and building your own home sounds exciting!! Will be praying for you guys!!

Connie said...

Holli-how can they just cancel his insurance? That doesn't sound legal! Love u and thinking of u all!! Love, connie

Jill said...

I'm with Joanna on this one - you're not whiney at all! And if you were, you are so justified in it. Surgery, moving, insurance problems, life in general ;) Your new place sounds awesome! Still praying for Alex that Monday goes smoothly and his sleep is much improved afterward!

Scasmflops said...

Youre doing great Momma!!!! I'm convicted and challenged both. Just keep loving those little boys and trusting the Lord. Everything will be fine. A new house... so exciting and what a great reward that would be to have the better accessibility. Praying for you guys, especially today.