Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breathing easier!!

What a week its been. I'm thrilled to report that Alex is doing GREAT! Whether it was just needing extra time or the steroids (or all of this with a healthy dose of prayers), he's pretty much back to before the surgery. He's our sweet happy baby again, sleeping for the most part through the night, off of the pain medication, back to his previous level of oxygen almost, and playing all day. He's breathing easier and for this, so are we!!!

The other big news in our life is how quickly things are happening with the house. We've met with the architect this week, and had plans drawn up. I"m sooo excited to see it all fall to place on paper. The house will be completely accessible, zero clearance entry ways into the home, wider door ways, wider hallways, extra clearance into rooms, completely accessible bathroom with room for a roll in shower, and in general a very open house plan. It is even more than I could of hoped and dreamed. We don't "know" for sure about Alex's future needs, but since we had the opportunity to build we wanted to try to think of everything that might make life a little easier, at least at home. I am so excited about this!!! Our hopes are that they will start building by the end of October with a finish date of about end of February. We can stay in our current home til about end of January so we hopefully will have just a few weeks to make tracks somewhere else temporarily. Oh right, about our house:

We received two offers in a little more than just a week on the market and we've accepted one. We've already had the house inspection and because I was home with the boys, even got to meet the hopeful buyers. They remind me so much of hubby and I when we moved in, just starting out, wanting to get settled, begin and raise a family. The woman is even a social worker (also my profession)!

During our acceptance, we asked if it was possible to rent back from the buyers for a period of time after closing. This is because we did not expect things to progress this quickly in this market and we hadn't even had a chance to pick our house plan yet, let alone begin digging. I am dreading moving our family twice in just a matter of a couple months, especially in the heart of winter. I didn't expect that the couple would agree but was shocked when they offered us the maximum time allowed to be in the house after closing (60 days). I mean when you are excited about moving into your first home, can you imagine putting that off for two more months just to be "nice"? that means they won't move in until after the holidays. I am sooooo touched and grateful for their generosity. And I was so happy to be able to share that with them in person today at the inspection.

We are so amazingly blessed and know that God is weaving the right people in our lives to ease this transition.  I pray that this couple is as richly blessed in this home as we have been!!


Jill said...

Fantastic news! About Alex and about the house! Congrats on the sale!

I'm so excited for your house - it sounds perfect! I hope we're able to buy/build something like that in the next couple of years.

Joanna (and David) said...

Oh wow! That is some amazing news going on!! I'm so happy little Alex is doing better (Praise God!!) and that things are going so smoothly with the houses! I love the plans for the new house - what a dream! You guys deserve all this wonderful news and I am just THRILLED for you!!

KeicherMom said...

Great news that Alex is breathing better! And how exciting the plans for the house sound. That's awesome about the purchaser being so flexible. Love all the good news!!

Dill Family said...

What an amazing blessing! I love it when people are so generous:)
We would love to see your house plans when you get them all drawn... I'm always looking for ideas! I think building is the way to go to meet the needs of our special kiddos! So excited for you guys!

Kari said...

wonderful news!!!