Friday, March 5, 2010

Were home!!!!

I can't believe we are actually home. We were discharged tonight. The doctors all agreed that Alex will get the most rest at home which is the number one thing he needs to fight the pneumonia. We are sooooo happy to have him home. He was starting to cry at every one who came in the room because of all the wakings, frequent suctioning, treatments, etc. It was heart breaking to see him so unhappy and fearful.

The visiting nurse will come to see him tomorrow, and again on Monday to check vitals, listen to his lungs, etc. and then we'll take him to see his pediatrician on Tuesday so he'll be looked after very closely.

As happy as we are to have him home, we are ofcourse just a wee bit anxious about his oxygen levels falling and the all too frustrating home oxygen monitor. Its not 100%, what is? We've already had the respiratory therapist on call come out to check the darn thing. At times the machine just goes blank and doesn't give a reading or gives a really far fetched reading. The therapist was very kind, brought out a new machine, new leads and spent time trying to assess. The new machine and leads are doing the same thing, its just not all together giving consistent readings. The therapist speculates that two things are likely happening, positional issues where the the wire on the lead is bent and can't pick up and transmit a good signal and also likely Alex has poor circulation in his legs and feet and may also be limiting it from always getting a good read. Having him "plugged in" 24/7 for at least awhile, we are bound to get lots of false alarms, even in the hospital this happened because again nothing is 100%. We are not worried about day time when its easy to look at him and know if he's in any kind of trouble  breathing wise. Its the night time that will be challenging when it alarms and we need to go see if its giving us an accurate 'wake the heck up and check on your son' or an alarm thats more 'ha,ha, I'm just messing with you, I'll correct myself in a minute".

I expect a stressful, nail biting, not sleeping much couple more nights until we see that he continues to improve and we get used to the bells and whistles of around the clock oxygen monitoring again. Its all worth it though because Alex is home where he belongs!!! Its only been a few hours and he's already sleeping more peacefully AND eating better.

Promise to post pictures soon.
As always: thank you for keeping us all in your hearts and prayers!!! We are and feel very blessed tonight to have our family all together!!!


Anonymous said...

YEAH...I am so happy Alex is home, there's no place like HOME! I will continue to keep Alex in my heart & prayers and sneding lots of love his way!!! Miss you all and hope to see you next week, I can come "visit" Monday ;)
~Mrs. Julie XO 2 Alex

Anonymous said...

Just read your update. I am so thankful you are all home again. There is so much I would like to say to you, but soon I hope to be able to talk to you in person. Our prayers will continue in your behalf. We love all of you.

LBPics said...

I am sorry to hear that you guys have had such a rough week but am happy to hear that the boys are on the mend and Alex is home from the hospital. There's no place like home!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and especially little Alex. Great to hear you're home. Hope his lungs heal up very soon (and the oxygen behaves in the meantime!).

Abbysdad & Abbysmum

HennHouse said...

Such peace and happiness in your words... Even through the frustration. It must feel new and comforting all at the same time to sleep under the same roof...

You are such a blessing,.

We'll keep praying.

Dill Family said...

Monitors are such a love/hate thing! Glad he's sleeping (and beeping) in his own bed now!:)