Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick update (x2)

Alex seems to be turning the corner!!!! They turned down his oxygen setting one level and are trying nebulizer treatments to help break up the congestion in his lungs. He seems to be acting peppier and wants to play a bit, more alert which is sure making his mommy and daddy breathe a little easier! They are turning down his IV fluids too so that he might be motivated to drink more and he's already taking his bottles a little better according to Mark. I can't wait to see him today. My arms are half empty without him.

As far as Nicholas he seems to be (hopefully and knock on wood) just having his first run of the mill cold. Its just enough to throw his momma over the edge ofcourse because of worrying about both the boys. I don't like how he sounds, you can hear him rattle a bit during his breathing so ofcourse I've already called the doctor. I'm a newbie to all of this, I have NO idea how a baby sounds "normally" with a cold so ofcourse I"m worrying. He's not working hard like his brother to breathe or anything and he's not acting lethargic or anything. But especially at a time like this, I need to be reassured that nothing is settling into his lungs and just hear that he's okay. Thankfully I have an amazing pediatrician and office staff and they did  not hesitate to see him today. I am bringing him in just a couple minutes and hopefully will put my mind at ease!!!

thanks so much for all the prayers!!!!!

Doctor was glad to see Nicholas, thinks he is "retracting" a little more, working just a bit harder at breathing and is a little "squeaky" sounding with his congestion but luckily his lungs are still sounding clear and his oxygen level is great. She told me the signs to look out for that would require another look because with his BPD and previous lung issues, we have to be careful. I pray that we can just ride out this cold with no further complications. He is acting like his perky self and eating fine which is a relief!!!

Mark just called me and said that Alex is not doing as well again. His lungs are sounding worse instead of better and the doctor is concerned that he might have a virus on top of the pneumonia (likely the same virus that Nicholas has and Mark is getting). They have bumped up Alex's oxygen level, are giving him nebulizers and watching him closely. Honestly I was so worried that we'd get Alex home only for him to catch this cold going around and have to do this all over again so if he has to get this, let him be in a safe place to get through it, right? Its just got to get better from here! I'm waiting for my mom to get here to watch Nicholas so I can get up to my other little man and spend time with him and Mark and then I'll stay at the hospital over night and Mark can hopefully get some needed rest at home (with Nicholas) ofcourse. Thank you for continued prayers for our boys!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for the boys. I hope that all is clear with Nicholas. I know things feel so awful right now but you have done such a good job getting the boys through the winter without viruses. I have no idea how you managed that one for so long, and next cold season they will be so much bigger and stronger. Hang in there!

Kari said...

hope everything keeps going better and better.