Friday, December 18, 2009

typical week

We are having a typical week, which is a good thing. No major events (knock on wood). We do think Nicholas is having a flare up of his reflux recently, hopefully nothing more. He spit up 5 times yesterday and quite a bit each time. He hasn't done that in several months but then again his reflux medications haven't been increased in that amount of time and his weight definitely has so he made just need an adjustment. We'll play out the weekend and see how he does.

Both boys continue to go back and forth with disinterest in eating and gnawing on their hands. We think its the beginning of teething but not sure.

We saw the pediatrician this week and the boys weights are good!!! Nicholas is 12 pounds!!!! Alex is 12 pounds, 11 ounces!!! We've had to fight pretty hard to get some of those calories in but they are really adding up! The pediatrician says they now look about the size of healthy two month olds and laughs...(they are "officially" going on eight months soon) but I'll just concentrate on the "healthy" part!!! She says we can start thinking about adding a small amount of cereal and fruits or veggies after the holidays so that is really exciting. I've already went out and bought the cereal, a couple cute little bowls and spoons. Its very surreal how fast they are growing up. I know that probably seems silly since they are still so little but the time sometimes feels like its going in warp speed. Its a strange place to be sitting in. A part of me feels so proud at how well they are changing and growing and I'm so happy to be a part of that and the other part wants them to stay small just a while longer to hold and cuddle. I'm sure thats a feeling all parents can relate to.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.
Will leave you with these cute pictures of the boys,

Nicholas in his bumbo seat, he's trying to make up his mind if he likes it or not. So far its more like "not" but we keep trying.

Look at those cheeks!!!!

you would never know how much he loves to smile because as soon as I get the camera out, he hides it. But every once in a while I can at least still get a smirk on camera.

here's one more, he is definitely our snuggler and just so sweet. He loves to cuddle up with a stuffed animal while he's falling asleep.

Alex is our very serious baby. He really studies and takes everything in. Here I think he is contemplating his attack on the dog rattle and maybe his friend the frog too. watch out.
Keep moving along Mom, nothing going on here...oh and yeah, this is how all the cool kids wear their oxygen. no worries.

I could say that this is his response to all the photos, and definitely could be but its also the way he puts himself to sleep these days. Eventually his hands fall away but its just too cute.
Our other cutie pie. He makes you work a little harder for his smiles but oh boy, when they come, watch out. They light up his whole face and our hearts!!!!
this was honestly NOT posed. They were playing next to eachother and this is how they fell asleep. Priceless. They still are not too aware of eachother yet. Nicholas seems to "see" his brother a little more and we catch him looking at him once in awhile but I don't think he really knows what to make of him yet. They still so far have more interest in their toys than eachother but hey, they have some really great toys :)

Thank you Erma for the outfits and the stuffed animals, they are just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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