Sunday, December 20, 2009

I had to say it....

I had to say it, didn't I? What I thought was the ending of a so called "typical week" has turned out to not be the case. I was hoping that Nicholas's recent spitting up was a flare up in his reflux but it took a major turn yesterday and then his brother decided to give him company as well.

Both boys are throwing up after almost every bottle and lets just say filling up their diapers even more often with stuff that doesn't look, or smell right. We are getting concerned because they are only eating 2-3 ounces at best and we swear almost as much is coming right back out. sorry, I know, yuck. You're just reading it, imagine how the boys feel. They ofcourse are hanging in there like champs. They are sleeping more but still manage to give us sweet smiles when they are awake.

We took them to the pediatricians office this morning (thank God for weekend hours!!!!) Both boys have acute gastroenteritis or fancy word for stomach flu. Its going around in the community. Some of the strains have only lasted a couple of days, and others have lasted a week or more. There's no way of knowing which strain the boys have, we are just praying it leaves them soon. The biggest concern for these little peanuts is dehydration. We are told to only give them pedialyte for the next few bottles and slowly mix back their formula half and half after that and see how they handle it.

Nicholas has already lost 8 ounces just since Thursdays weigh in and Alex lost 3 ounces, we were shocked at how fast that happened. Our biggest goal is to keep them hydrated and keep them home. Its such a helpless feeling when your babies are sick, we'd be grateful for prayers for the boys to have a very speedy recovery.



cfallone said...

Maybe it was something at Phillips (ha, ha)! My WHOLE family got it. All four kids were emptying their stomachs from both ends as well as mom and dad.

Because we are such a loving, sharing family, we have spread that bug to most of our family members that came to celebrate Christmas here this weekend. We had my husband's family here Friday. My niece and nephew slept over Saturday and the rest of my family came Sunday. I warned everyone before they came but the parties went on! Needless to say, we gave more than just presents this year.

It all started Thursday and I have just one still sick. Hope you all get well soon and before your holiday celebrations!

Diane Nichols said...

Holli and Mark, I was thinking about you all yesterday so checked the website this morning. I hope the past couple days have brought some relief for you all. Here's hoping that this is just the first of many happy Christmases for your new family.

Diane Nichols