Saturday, December 26, 2009

Babies first Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of four. The boys didn't really understand what all the fuss was about but Mommy and Daddy were excited. Daddy made a scrumptious breakfast and Mommy poured the mimosas and coffee. In between taking care of the boys, we opened up gifts together. Santa was oh sooo good to the boys. They had a mountain of gifts to open and admittedly fell asleep through lots of it so Mommy and Daddy had to take over. They received beautiful clothes, toys to play with, toys to cuddle with, and toys to watch run around all over the floor. We already and thankfully discovered most musical or talking toys are easier on the ears with some tape placed over the speakers!!!! ahhhhh much better!! We even received a case of diapers and wipes which was an awesome gift (thank you to my brother and sister in law!!!)

Mommy and Daddy agreed to not exchange this year (we already have two amazing gifts, what else could we possibly need?) However the boys had another idea. The boys surprised Daddy with a photo calendar for his work and they surprised Mommy with a beautiful heart necklace. Very sweet those boys!!!

The boys are not quite over their stomach bug and combined with a little bit of teething, it wasn't all fun and games yesterday, but it was still a beautiful day!!!!! Enjoy the photos.

We pinned the toy on Daddy, Alex really liked this. He is "breaking" in his helmet this week. We are up to wearing it eight hours a day at a time, and an hour break before putting it on again. It makes Alex pretty sweaty and he's still figuring out how to get comfy in it, especially while laying down and for naps. He is definitely fussing a lot more than we're used to but we are told babies tend to get used to them pretty quickly. He will be wearing it to bed for the first time tonight so we are a bit anxious about how sleeping will go.....but oh he even looks so adorable in it.

Why won't these fit?

You would never know Nicholas WAS smiling and playing with the wrapping paper....all until the camera came out.

Our first Christmas family photo

Our priceless gifts!!!

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ChristinaG said...

THey are so big! im so happy they are doing well, hope you had a great holiday season, i hope you remember me, i was your roomate for a few days! on bedrest :)