Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just a brief update. We brought the boys to their regular GI follow up yesterday morning and things kind of fell apart from there. While we were getting Alex undressed and weighed, we noticed that it looked like he was really working hard to breathe. The doctor was able to get an oxygen level and it was only reading in the seventies. We are not quite sure still if that was accurate but after several different oxygen checks, it was clear it was much lower than it should be. The clinic and our pediatrician were wonderful about getting things facilitated, getting him a STAT chest x-ray, a pulmonary consult and then finally getting him admitted right from the outpatient clinic instead of having to do the "normal" process of going to the emergency room and waiting for a bed. We are soooo grateful for everyone's understanding and compassion of trying to keep our babies as protected as possible. Alex did finally get a "bed" at 6pm lastnight and he remains his sweet self. Besides his disinterest in eating, there has been very little observed change in him, except now knowing about the oxygen level.

We've now met with the pulmonary specialists and they've run some more tests. His x-ray is clear of pneumonia so that is a huge relief. It does show scarring on the lungs consistent to his BPD which is not a surprise and a little bit of fluid. They've also run cultures and fortunately everything has come back negative so far. The pulmonologist believes that he might have gotten a mild virus and it was enough to inflame his lungs. He continues to need oxygen still and we are hopeful that this will improve and we can get him home very soon. They are looking at his medicines and are increasing one of his pulmonary medications, and if that doesn't work they may start him on some diuretics.

We knew something wasn't quite right with him during this last week but we would have never guessed this. My heart breaks thinking we missed something along the way. We worried that something like this might happen, but we thought we'd at least get further into the season. Right now we are just taking things a day at a time and we are just so thankful that Alex doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, except for the occasional swipe at the tubes up his nose, but who can blame him there. Mark and I are taking turns spending the day and night with Alex while the other is with Nicholas. As if we weren't nervous enough, we are now extra conscious of trying to keep Nicholas protected and pray that whatever is going on with Alex can be spared his brother. We would be very grateful for continued prayers.



Dale said...

Hi Holli and Mark,
I hope you continue to feel the many prayers coming your way. It sounds like you've been thrown another curve. I would love to provide a meal for you sometime. I was told to ask you what would work - what day, time, and what kind of food you like. My email is dalef0805@aol.com. If this would be helpful at any point, please email me back. Take care!
Dale Faatz

Erin said...

I am thinking about you and your boys, Holli! I hope Alex is able to come home healthy soon. It is good to hear that he is comfortable though!

Take care