Sunday, February 24, 2013

The coolest place!!!

If you are ever in upstate NY, this is really the coolest place to check out with young kids.

We are soooo fortunate to have it right in our backyard.

Its impossible to share just how much fun your kids (and you) will have here. 
There's just a ton of things to do 
but here's a sampling of what our boys love!!!!

The wegmans store is probably their favorite.
Really, Its set up like an actual store. 
Its complete with shopping carts, tons of "food" products, 
scales to weigh items, you name it.

Nicholas diligently checking labels. He's gotten very good at asking
"is there milk in it?"
Right after I took this picture he shook the can and said
"mom: this is empty." and put it back. 
Alex curiously putting all the things he doesn't eat in his cart, ha,ha
I mean really, they even have out of season items: pumpkins--in February!!!

It even has a check out center that your kids can scan things 
and then play cashier for themselves and their friends. 

Get this: it will even print you out a receipt of what your little one "purchased" complete with date and pricing at the end of your visit.

Seriously, my boys could be content spending all their time JUST
in this little store. 

Their next favorite place is Sesame Street.
Here they are with their best buddies from down the street.

 There's a video here where they are actually 
seeing themselves on TV with Elmo.
couldn't get a great picture of it here but the kids 
get a kick out of it!
You can even talk to your favorite characters
on the payphone of all things....
Here's a taxi cab that the kids can "drive"
and if you look closely you can see that
Cookie monster and Elmo tagging along in the back. 
The boys friend Matty is trying to figure out how to shut 
the door and take it for a spin.

The kitchen
with all the accessories

our friend Benny is the cutie modeling 
the apron

Everything is just about the right size.
notice the tippy toes. 

The workshop

A place where everything is built out of legos..
A rare pic with the five friends together!
There's even a spot to drive a boat
Safety first, complete with life jackets to wear.

Every time we come Alex has to say hi to his 
friends the Berenstein bears. 
He actually leans over and tries to hug them!

There's also the more typical things like climbing structures
Nicholas did great climbing all the way up by himself
but had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out how to get down. 

Alex preferred doing the slide over and over and over!
 We managed to come and play
TWICE this week since the boys had off from school
and we STILL can't get through the whole place.
They never get bored :)

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