Monday, February 11, 2013

Home projects

I am so proud and grateful to my hubby
for all the projects he's done lately.

The boys are growing up and little by little we are figuring
out how to make things more accessible for our big/little boys :) 
 I know it looks like a simple coat rack
but I love that its hung low enough that Alex can reach to hang up
and grab his coat just like his brother.
I'd like to say hanging his coat up too but he's three and a half,
its not as much fun to put things away, ha,ha.

I should have taken a picture but today I DID find a random snow boot 
just hanging out on the coat rack. too!

 Alex is getting so strong although he still needs a little support.
We used to put a full booster seat on this chair but after awhile we realized he didn't
need quite that much support anymore. 

Hubby rigged up this little seating system so Alex could sit at
the same table as his brother and still get the support he needs.
It is literally made out of four foam floor mats using velcro to keep them together
and a seatbelt bolted to the chair. 

My favorite project yet? A ramp for Alex's bed!!!!!
Hubby really out did himself with this one!

We saw the idea forever ago on our friend Grey's blog.
and I never forgot it. 

Now that Alex is bigger and stronger and becoming more independent, we knew it was time.
Thank you to Leigh and Andy for an awesome idea!!! 
I don't think you realize how much you have guided us both with the technical stuff
and the not so technical stuff from the very beginning!!!! :)

 The ramp slides right between the mattress and bedframe.

Its quite a work out for him but he LOVES it!!!

 Guess who else loves it???
 oops....traffic jam
 sliding down over and over
ofcourse is the best part :)


Cassie said...

Love the ramp!

Jill said...

LOVE it all! I've kept that ramp in the back of my mind also. Love the idea.