Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The making of a Christmas card.....

wow, can you believe mom is letting us play with ribbons
she must really want us to cooperate with this
photo shoot thing
If we don't both smile at the same time,
or heck even look at the camera together,
maybe she'll give us some other cool stuff to play with
hmmm, this is how the hat should be worn

ooohhhhhh see, the bells are coming out.....
and some ornaments....
Momma: note to self next year,
maybe pull out the really cool stuff and hang it 
over the camera so they HAVE to look this way
only cute for a second, Alex is like
stop touching me, stop touching me,
you better stop touching me
Nicholas trying the
"aren't I so sweet" look. 
and yes, momma made me wear this too big
sweater. she kept trying to yank it back in pictures
 in hopes no one would notice. 
and the boys were right, momma did
try getting out the annoying singing Christmas tree
just to get these smiles. 

Totally worth it!!!
Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season
filled with your favorite people!

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