Sunday, November 11, 2012


Now which cutie is under that hat?
oh there he is
sorry these ones were taken by my phone
but still thought they were too cute not to share
Firetruck and all
Mommy was excited to find this cute little jacket
at our local goodwill for $2.99. 
Do you remember these boots Aunt Rachel?
They are still a little too big to wear 
but we worked it for this special occasion.

Here is Mr. Construction worker 
 The neighborhood we live in still has new construction going 
and the boys are fascinated with all the diggers and equipment. 
Even on the way to and from preschool 
the boys point out all the big trucks and diggers they see along the way
and are disappointed when they can't find more. 

While we did make this costume we totally stole the
whole idea from our friend Cassie who did this costume
a couple years ago.

After we saw Cassie's costume, we also found out my friend Jamie
also did something similar for her son last year and turned out
awesome so we were even more inspired to try it for Alex too. 
Cassie's putting together a whole blog of wheel chair
costume ideas which are becoming incredibly popular!
She is unbelievably talented as are many of the other
mommas you will see!
(you can check out her blog here).  
 I am not a creative person naturally but I think it turned out
great and Alex loved it.
Here's hoping we didn't raise the bar too high
for future Halloweens though. 

The digger made an awesome spot to
collect candy--which made little man
quite happy :)

Halloween Night:
Momma knows how to work the duct tape
(added it to plan black pants to match the jacket)
You wouldn't believe it but we didn't even plan the fire department theme 
with our cutie friends. Their momma found a great deal on costumes too and went with it :)
We are a well protected neighborhood!!

Even our friend Abby got into the spirit!

Getting candy is serious business

what to choose, what to choose...

Ended the night on a "sweet" note 
and a surprise from their Grandma and Grandpa!!!
You can't tell it here but Nicholas was just as excited,
just starting to fade....


Nikki said...

They are so adorable!

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Cassie said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Your boys look great!

Jill said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!!