Saturday, October 6, 2012

Covert operation

over here.
can you see me?
this is kind of a covert operation.
obviously my mommy doesn't want you to know
how fast we are growing up,
she hasn't posted in a REALLY long time.

so shhh....don't tell her we're here. 
but we knew you'd want to see for yourselves
whats new.

there you are!

We've had a FANTASTIC summer!
Here we are hijacking a beach vacation
with our "mammie" and "papa"!
My most favorite parts were:
 spending time with my Mammie.
and playing in the pool!

 Did I mention I love my Mammie?

 oh you want to know about my brother too?
okay.....I guess. 

He really liked the sand.
He had every one help bury him
over. and over. and over. 

 every once in awhile he'd dust off,
wade in the water
but he only really wanted to go back 
for more sand. 
He convinced me to give it a try too. 

oh yeah,
mommy was there too.
 She had to wrestle me out of Mammie's arms
to get this picture. ha,ha
Summer time means.....

more camping trips!!


More pool time!
 parties and picnics
even with magic shows!
 Summer time is finding lots of neat slides

Nicholas got a toddler bed
reading, reading, reading.  

 and building forts on rainy days

visiting the animals. 
summertime means lots of lunches at the park
making pretty messes
Making yummy messes
and always on the move!!!!
pretending we are a choo choo train....
There's lots more to catch up on
We'll make sure to get Mommy moving
on more of these updates!!!

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