Monday, June 25, 2012


Alex narrating:

Our first camping trip
Well mommy says its more like our third
but I don't remember the other ones
so they don't count.

We don't even LOOK the same

Here's our little hotel on wheels as
my mommy calls it 
and this is our view. 
Right on Cross Lake
not bad, eh?

no, the boat isn't ours,
just part of the amazing picture. 

Here we are hanging with our buddies.
They have a camper here year round
or their grandparents do
so they were having fun showing us the ropes

Here we are at the really fun playground 
Here's my brother trying to figure out this thing

I"m thinking it doesn't look stable
I'll stay back here and keep a look out
but our friend Matty says its no problem 

so Nicholas persists

Matty cheers him on. 
Here's our "big brother" Chris on the swings.
He looks out for us just like his own little brothers.

I'm more of a slide guy myself 
I like speed! 
Here we are back at camp
How do you like my hiding spot?
I'm kind of re-thinking it now. 
Benny found me. 
He cracks me up!!! 
Hey. Where's MY smore?
just kidding,
they're not really my thing
oh and there's also this little beach here too
right across from where we stayed.
I know, can this place GET any better?
Mommy remembered our sand toys.

I know how much my Daddy loves sand (ha,ha)
so here I am sharing some. 
My brother and my Daddy.
yep. two of a kind. 
Nicholas wasn't a huge fan of the sand. 
kept trying to brush it off.
so we went for a swim.
Nicholas wasn't a fan of the grassy stuff in the water either.
Whats with this kid?

I had a GREAT time. 
I went all the out to my neck in the water.
Okay so maybe that's not too hard but still....

My mommy was worried how we would
nap/sleep away from home, 
away from our own beds. 
We brought all the comforts from home
and as you can see,
not an issue! 

So now we're planning our next adventure.......

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cfallone said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. Awesome pictures and story telling! It's amazing all the things you do with the boys, they will have such great memories!