Sunday, May 27, 2012

Animal Adventures

We spent a beautiful day with friends at this incredible place called Hidden Valley Animal Adventures in Varysburg NY. It was an easy hour and a half drive for us each way.
We loaded up the boys and some special treats for the ride.
Their loveys got to come along and they were so excited about this.
Nicholas wanted to make sure bear had a prime spot looking out the window.
Alex was in a silly mood and pretended his was a hat. 

We were invited here for our sweet friend's Sawyer's
birthday party.

We took the one hour trolley tour of the grounds . 
I"m not even sure how many acres there are here
but its massive and just as beautiful

Alex wasn't sure what to expect at first

but warmed up to the idea fast!

The animals came RIGHT up to the trolley.
Which Alex wasn't sure was a good idea
at first....
Afterall, these are NOT little animals!
Nicholas had this look on his face A LOT.
He was in awe!!!
I wish I had gotten more pics of him on the trolley
but I was busy chasing after him. 
As soon as the trolley stopped he was off looking
out the sides of the nearest window spot,
he was anxious to see and feed them,
and absolutely LOVED this place. 

We were each given food in cups for them.
I think they've seen this routine before.
not shy at all. 
We would stop every so often to get a closer look
at some of the animals, feed them and then
go riding again.
Alex even though timid at first kept saying
"more animals", "come", and "tis"--his
way of saying "sit".
After the trolley ride we were able to go into 
a smaller petting area

 The animals were just walking around,
most very friendly and would walk right up to you. 
 Heaven for this boy

 Alex kept saying "more more" animals
but he wasn't in a hurry to touch or pet them, 
Nicholas however had no reluctance.

 They both loved trying to feed the animals

 Here is Nicholas trying to tuck in some hay in the fence. 
Seriously can't say enough about this place,
we will definitely be going back!!!!

 Afterwards we had lunch at their lodge

 Alex showed off in his wheels.
don't let these pictures fool you,
he was ALL smiles......
until he saw his momma behind the camera. 

happy exhausted boys

Sweet end to the day
Nicholas reading to his bear!!!

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That place looks so cool!!