Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 years ago.....

Three years ago: One pound 10 and one pound 12 ounces: the littlest packages that arrived way earlier then expected and forever changed our world. It would be impossible to put into words how much love this momma has for her boys (any parent ofcourse). This woman was mushy to begin with and then give her two living breathing odds-defying miracle surpassing babies, well what's mushier than mush? Who knows but thats what I am.

Nicholas and Alexander: You came into this world too soon and already having to fight. You've been through more battles than any one more than 10 times your age should have had to have. I desperately wish I could have changed that course for you, made your beginning easier somehow. But I couldn't. What I can do is tell you how proud I am of you both. You have come sooooo far in these three short years. From the very beginning you have defied the odds, changed even the "experts" expectations, and brought so much love and life to many more hearts than just mine.

I Love You!!!!

A little stroll down memory lane, some of my favorites so far:

Our miracles
born at just 28 weeks

 1st "real" baths

Finally home after 102
and 107 days in the NICU

Here is Alex's external shunt until he was big enough
to have the internal VP shunt inserted.
We affectionately called it his "bubble"


Alex's helmet. He had to wear 23 hours a day for almost a year
(Momma worked hard to get pictures of him during that hour without it )
Nicholas not sure what to make of Alex's
"under construction" helmet.
later though he most definitely wanted one of his own
Nicholas always wanted to play with Alex's cords

This was not set up
They used to sleep and cuddle together like this A LOT


those cheeks......


 Happy Birthday my boys
We are sooo proud of you and how far you've come.
We love you sooooo much!!!!!!! 


Leigh and Andy said...

oh my goodness. I am crying ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I can't believe that your sweet boys are 3!! It really shouldn't come as a surprise since my own is 3 too, but it totally does.:) Happy Birthday Nicholas and Alex, you are both such miracles!!

Sue said...

What a beautiful set of a photos and words. Two amazing parents + two boys loved more than the world could ever know. Happy Birthday Alex + Nicholas. <3

Jill said...

RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!! Holy smokes, I completely forget how small they were when they were born. It just completely blows my mind. I know people say all of our SB kids are miracles and all, but your boys are truly miracles. So tiny to so big and healthy. Amazing. Oh, I love those two little guys!! Those COPY and PASTE onsies made me LOL!! Awesome.

I think of you guys every time Kingsley reaches out to hold our hands when he's on wheels. :)

cfallone said...

Wow! Those boys are just angels and how handsome they are. These pictures tell such a beautiful story. One that proves miracles do exist!!!! Happy Birthday to two strong little men who just bring such joy to so many!