Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer fun

I LOVE summer! It is my favorite season for sure!!! The days are longer, warmer, and every one is getting outside and getting together after months of hibernating. We sure do cram a lot into these couple of months but thats part of the fun!

The boys are trying out all kinds of firsts this summer. Even though they are over a year old, this time last year they were both still in the NICU so every thing we do feels like a bit of a celebration in comparison. We have finally shaken off the stress of "isolation" and worries of the dreaded winter cold and flu season (until next season anyway), and we are simply drinking in the company of our family and friends.

We tried out our first swim of the season at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Grandma and Grandpa got them these frog and shade floats
They weren't sure what to think of it but no tears at least so thats a start!!
Here's our Aunt Becky and Aunt Paula showing them how to splash about.

Nicholas--a.k.a "mini" Mark

The days have been so hot we decided to try out a little water at our own house too

Nicholas insisting he didn't want to touch the water with his hands

until he decided he wanted a drink
and then said "oh the heck with it"

Alex says "hey I'm thirsty too".

lounging around

thanks to hubby for getting these pics
there's usually a primary person who does most of the picture taking
(many times the mama) but its always nice to get a few
with you in them once in awhile. 
Yep, see I really was there during your childhood too :)!

and here's a couple for the boys to know:
Your daddy was never reluctant to change diapers,
do feedings, help with baths
OR just get on the floor and be silly with you!

and yeah forget the rest
this is by far your favorite time with Daddy!

More summer firsts:
our first trip to our favorite ice cream place!!!!!
Boys can't have dairy JUST yet
but they got to try italian ice instead.
(the one I took of Alex didn't come out :(
but both had a VERY similar expression!!!

Neither was a big fan. Can you say brain freeze?

thats okay. the boys also got some serious loving from 
our good friend Julie. Alex ofcourse wouldn't
give it up for the camera but Julie had him non stop
giggling--the best sound ever!!!!

We also had some very good friends come to play.
a very sweet celebration indeed as these
are our friends from the NICU
and they are all doing amazingly!!

Seeing double?

This is Nicholas's pal Colden. He was born just a few hours after us.
They have the same build and coloring that when they
were scurrying around, it was hard to tell
them apart!!! Nicholas kept following him around all day, sooo cute!!!

Alex is such a guys guy. 
He LOVED being doted on by our friend Rob,
even cried when he eventually was put down!!

Here's Noah born just a few weeks before us.
He shook off his "preemie-ness" in no time flat!
Go Noah!!!

How many kids can we fit in the pool?

 so in case you are wondering whats with some of our outdoor pics
with tires in the background of them?
Our yard is without proper shade from the sun.
so sometimes especially when its hot and we have the kids out
we improvise and we roll out the grand awning of our camper.
and sit underneath.
classy right?

oh well, the boys don't know any better anyway
I know I am just a little bit biased
but can't get enough of these gorgeous toothy grins!!!

Bye for now!


Amanda said...

Love it!!!
Summer is the best time of the year. Your pictures are all so adorable. It's always good to get pics with mommy too!

Stephanie said...

Great pics, Holli! It's great to see them both doing so well. What wonderful parents they have-they are going to look back on this someday and know how loved they are! Have I mentioned that pics of your boys make me grin from ear to ear, EVERY TIME? :)

cfallone said...

Holli, what a great photo shoot! The boys, mommy and daddy all look so happy. Your smiles are contagious and you are just a beautiful family. Hope we are on for Friday!

Erin said...

I love all the pics; especially the ones with you and the boys. !!! The froggie floats look awesome.. way to go grandparents. We love summer too; William is enjoying the water more this summer. I cherish everyday of warmth and sunshine. Have a wonderful time outside and in the fresh air...